#tags and @tags in WorkFlowy

You can now add #tags and @tags to your WorkFlowy document. This makes organizing things much easier, especially when your WorkFlowy document starts to get large. Type “#” before any word, like “#loveit” and then when you click on that tag, it will display only items containing that tag. Click the tag again, and it’ll remove the search.

Want some suggestions on how to use tags? Here you go:

  • When will you do stuff? Use #now for stuff you want to do today, and #soon for stuff you want to do in the next week or so.
  • Who’s doing what? Use @Name tags to keep track of who’s doing what.
  • What’s the priority? Use #important for things that will make a big difference and #urgent for stuff that’s time sensitive.
  • How long will this take? Use #small, #medium and #large to keep track of the size of the things you’re working on.

Hello, world. I’m WorkFlowy.

Dear World,

We first showed WorkFlowy to you on November 4th. At the time, we enjoyed using WorkFlowy ourselves and had around 40 active, happy alpha testers. We figured we might as well get it out there see what happened. We put together some how-to and promo videos, put up a landing page and got in touch with TechCrunch writer Alexia Tsotsis through a contact, and she wrote a story.

Our expectation for the launch went like this:

  1. TechCrunch writes a story
  2. World doesn’t care
  3. We keep working

Well, World, you surprised us by seeming to care at least a little. Just under a month later, we have tens of thousands of people who are depending on our product to organize their brains and we are getting a lot of ridiculously positive feedback. We’re also getting a ton of really helpful, contructive feedback on where people would like to see the product go.

One frequent request is for a blog, so that people can keep track of what we’re working on. Well, here it is.

Thanks World, you’re the best!