Tip: Make the WorkFlowy Chrome App Feel Like a Normal App (Mac)


January 13, 2014

This WorkFlowy Tip comes from Shawn Bealey. If you have a tip you’d like to share, just email blog@workflowy.com

How I use WorkFlowy

I loved WorkFlowy from the beginning. I have a lot of ideas in my head, and they distract me. So, what to do? Workflowy solved this problem. Open a browser window/tab, jot my idea thought down, get on with life. Ideas are take form with 0 % effort and in real time. I am surprised at how fast and effortless the ideas are to jot down, put in to order, re-order and share – even with non members. This is a real drop in replacement for a personal, or even corporate wiki.

My Problem

I want a desktop app.  I am not a chrome user, but there’s a Chrome App that’s kinda like a desktop app. I want to have the app, but not feel like I am working in chrome, or even have to start chrome to get to the app (saves clicks)

My Solution

1) Start Launch Pad
unnamed (2)

2) Filter for and Select WorkFlowy.
unnamed (3)

3) Right Click on the Dock to choose your poison:

unnamed (4)

For Extra Awesome, Open at Login 

You can start the app in a bunch of ways. Heavy Users should go ahead and choose to open at login. Moderate Users should keep this in their Dock at all times for quick access. Light users can start it from the browser app starter.

unnamed (5)

Expert users can start it using the finder quick find (CMD + Space; type: workflowy; select Applications: WorkFlowy or by second use Top Hit: WorkFlowy

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Tim Ötting
8 years ago

Is it possible that the Chrome App doesn’t appear in the Dock anymore since Yosemite?

Jesse Patel
Jesse Patel
8 years ago
Reply to  Tim Ötting

Not sure, but seems possible. Can you re-drag it to the doc?

Rob Kunkle
9 years ago

Also. Command-SpaceBar to bring up spotlight, then type w-o-r you should see workflowy. In other words, the Chrome App gives spotlight integration.

N. Heinrichs
N. Heinrichs
9 years ago

I found that with the Chrome app, when I command-tab to WorkFlowy, then command-tab again, it switches me to Chrome instead of back to the app I was originally using.

I used the free version of Fluid to make the WorkFlowy website into a ‘desktop’ app and it’s been working great for me:


Many thanks to the WorkFlowy guys: I love your product!

Greg S
Greg S
9 years ago

Tried this, found I had to install the Chrome App Launcher before I could find Workflowy in Launchpad. Next, I did as stated, and have the icon in the dock, but most of the time I click it nothing happens.

Mak Sim
Mak Sim
9 years ago

As for me, not very useful. There is no way to increase/decrease font size, like in Firefox for example. My eyes aren’t perfect anymore and I like to use bigger fonts. So, delete it and went back to browser.

Shawn Beasley
9 years ago

Surely, I did not want to get off topic for this blog, but I found this as well a great idea. Especially to separate my Drive search from Finder.

7 years ago
Reply to  Shawn Beasley

It is a great idea. And don’t call me Shirley.

Pieter Nooren (@pnooren)

Good stuff! Is there any way to make the font smaller in the app?

Jesse Patel
Jesse Patel
9 years ago

Nope, not yet. That’s one downside of not having it in the browser. We should make a setting, though.

9 years ago

You can also use the Chrome App Launcher in your Dock. All my chrome app that I use often are in here.

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