We don’t blog because … we’re busy building WorkFlowy


October 25, 2013

People sometimes see that we don’t post to our blog and they ask, “Are you still working on WorkFlowy? Is WorkFlowy still alive?” The answer: YES. WorkFlowy is a successful small business, over 600,000 people have signed up, and a lot of them use it every day to stay sane. A good number of them even pay us sometimes.

And we’re working on it full time.

Why don’t we blog? Because there are only two of us, and there’s only so much time in the day. We could probably pay someone to blog for us, and maybe we will. But for now, Mike and I are busy working on WorkFlowy, and blogging just isn’t a priority. We get a lot of new users every day, and blogging doesn’t seem like the most powerful way to make them happy, or to move our business forward.

What are we working on? Lots of things. Right now, for example, Mike is re-doing how our editing works to make it easier to build new features like simple text formatting, interactive tags, image embedding, etc.. It will also make the app faster. I’m working on an iteration to our referral program that we hope will increase our growth.

If we did blog, what would we blog about? Well, I’d like to have a lot more examples of how people use WorkFlowy. I think that’d be wonderful, and I hope to do it one day. We should also be better about announcing small new features on the blog, which is something we often don’t do.

So, rest assured. WorkFlowy is alive and well. We just aren’t big bloggers. Maybe having written this, I’ll be inspired and start blogging constantly.

But I doubt it 😉



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