WorkFlowy Blogging may happen after all


November 13, 2013

As we said in our last post, we’re pretty busy, heads-down
making Workflowy even more amazing and powerful. Time spent
blogging is, well, distracting. Luckily, something great happened as a result of that post.

A lot of people responded encouraging us to blog. People said blogs offer a glimpse “behind the scenes”, are reassuring to customers of a paid service, and are simply informative for users. We don’t disagree but it’s still time away from working on Workflowy.

Happily, a few users stepped up, offering to write guest blog posts for us. Steve Stroh, a fan and paid customer of Workflowy will be the first guest blogger. Steve offered to start a trial writing a weekly blog post for Workflowy.

To our amusement, he termed such a position “S.O.B” – Semi Official Blogger. So, we’re going to try it. The deal is that our S.O.B. will chat with us once per week, and he’ll write a blog post. That weekly chat won’t be too distracting, and the S.O.B. will do all the heavy lifting of thinking of things to write about such as tips, and he’ll handle emails from fans regarding the blog – We’ll see how it goes, for him, for us, and for you, our fans and customers.

We also received offers from a few other users offering to write guest posts, and we haven’t gotten back to them yet. Why? Because we’re busy 🙂 But we will, and we love you, and we appreciate your help.

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