2nd Template Contest – Periodic review


June 1, 2021

Hey there Workflowy folks,

The wait is over and it’s time for another exciting template contest! 🏆 It’s time to get creative and show the Workflowy community what you’ve got. Your template might be the one that clicks for a user and helps them finally get organized once and for all! You have from today until June 6rd (this Sunday) to submit your template.

What’s the topic?

This time the theme is a little bit different. We’re interested in those daily/weekly/monthly reviews processes that users have to keep on top of things.

Basically, if you have a periodic process that you use to review tasks, activities, or ideas – we want to learn about it.

Having and maintaining a regular process is a critical part of being organized and can make the difference between being productive and always scrambling to figure out what you need to do next and when.

For this contest – we want you to show us what that review process looks like and have you share a template that would help other users replicate that process. Whether it’s a daily process that helps you keep track of your todos or a weekly process that helps you prioritize your work for the week or a monthly process that aids in setting longer term goals and then helping you check if you’re on track or not – we want to know how you do it.

How does the contest work?

For folks that are new to the template contest, the way it works is the following:

1 – We provide a topic.

2 – You create a Workflowy template based on the topic.

3 – You record a simple (or fancy – it’s up to you) video explaining how the template works and how it’s used.

4 – You share the template and video with us via the google form at the end of this post

5 – A panel of Workflowy experts will review the templates + videos and pick the best ones. Note: for this edition, we’ll try to have a voting system set up so the community can choose the winners.

6 –  We’ll put the winning templates and videos on a template page where they can be enjoyed by the entire Workflowy community.

7 – If you win, you’ll bask in Workflowy fame and glory and also receive a 6-month pro subscription or 6 months of credit if you’re already a pro subscriber 😎


What is a Workflowy template?

A template inside of Workflowy is a combination of sections and labels that help the user perform some activity or keep track of some type of information. Here are a couple of templates if you want inspiration or just a better idea of what they look like.

Can I use WFx or additional CSS in my template?

Let’s stick to ‘vanilla Workflowy’ for the time being.

Can I use experimental Workflowy features?

Yes! If you use beta.workflowy.com, those features are fine to use in your template.

What should the video have?

Pretend you’re making the video for a friend. You have this great template and you want to show them what the template is for and how it works.

When is the last day to submit my template and video?

The last day to enter this contest is this Sunday – June 6

How do I share my template?

Create a share link to your template and share that via the google form at the bottom of this post.

How do I record my video?

If you already have screen recording software you use, feel free to use that and upload your video to YouTube. If you don’t have any screen recording software, you can use loom (web browser based) to record your video and then share the link with us via the google form at the end of this post.

How will the winners be chosen?

The winners will be chosen by a panel of Workflowy experts. We are also working on setting up a voting system for the community – depending on how well it works, we might use it for this contest.

How will the winners be informed?

Via email.

Can I enter more than once?

Of course! If you want to submit multiple templates, go right ahead.

Ready? Enter the contest!

Please fill out this google form

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2 years ago

When can we expect the results of this contest?

2 years ago

Any updates on this contest?

A WorkFlowy User
A WorkFlowy User
2 years ago

I meant there was a typo.

A WorkFlowy User
A WorkFlowy User
2 years ago

June 6th?

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