Paperback writer – Paragraphs and headers now available


December 20, 2022

Hey there Workflowy folks, today we’re releasing a feature that’s going to be ridiculously handy whether you already draft documents in Workflowy or felt that bullet points just didn’t look great for long-form writing. You can now turn any bullet into a paragraph or header and have more control over the format.

The change is only aesthetic so you can still use all the standard Workflowy features like nesting, mirrors, backlinks, and so on. You can also easily convert all your old documents into paragraphs if you like.

How do I make a paragraph or heading?

To write paragraphs or headings you can use the text format widget, the slash command, or the keyboard shortcuts.

Note that once you make a paragraph and hit Enter, the next line will also have the paragraph format. To start creating bullets again, you must re-enable the paragraph format using any of the same methods you used to create a paragraph or header. You can also use the slash command ‘/bullets‘ to start creating bullets again.

Here’s what an average document looked like before today. Bullets as far as the eye can see. Let’s go over the different ways to make paragraphs and headers.

A. After selecting some text, the text format widget pops up and you can change the format to main heading (H1), secondary heading (H2) or paragraph (¶).

B. You can use the slash command and then type or select ‘Paragraph‘, ‘Heading 1‘ or ‘Heading 2‘.

C. If you select multiple items, the multi-select widget will appear and you can then change the format of those items.

D. You can view the keyboard shortcuts by selecting some text to bring up the text format widget and then mousing over the different options. This will display the keyboard shortcut for your operating system.

We hope this motivates you to do more of your long-form writing in Workflowy and not just the outlining. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

See you in the next one! 🇺🇦

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19 days ago

It’s getting better all the time… 😉

24 days ago

Hello! How to put examples of code (php, javascript)?

1 month ago

Can I just say you guys are amazing!? You already have the most useful app in the world, and yet you still make it better and better. Almost every week there is some new capability I hadn’t even dreamed of. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

Raicho Nikolov
1 month ago

I like this feature but couldnl’t find out how to export my headnigs and paragraphs. When I export as formatted text the heading and paragraphs does not export.

Sam Marrocco
Sam Marrocco
1 month ago

Rodolfo, while the pictures you show demonstrate what a header looks like (after conversion from a bullet point), they don’t show what the conversion from bullet points to paragraphs does. You may want to show an ‘after’ picture with a more obvious example of all those bullet points converted to paragraphs for clarity.

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