The WorkFlowy Desktop App Has Arrived

WorkFlowy is a tool people have open all day, and for many of us it becomes the hub from which we manage our work and lives. Today, we’re releasing what I believe is a genuinely better way to use WorkFlowy: a desktop app that starts up fast, works fully offline, and gives you instant access to your information without having to look through a bunch of tabs in your browser.

If you use WorkFlowy, I strongly recommend trying it out:

Install the WorkFlowy Desktop App

I hope you enjoy it, and please let us know what you think.


  1. If you rely on third party extensions to WorkFlowy, for styling or javascript, you currently won’t be able to use those in the desktop app. We hope to make WorkFlowy extensible, and bring these capabilities inside WorkFlowy, so that they will also work in the desktop app, but do not have a timeline for that.
  2. We have had a WorkFlowy Chrome Application for a long time, that behaves much like a desktop app. It had various issues, however, that made it annoying to use, due to the platform Google developed for this type of app being a bit … well … not amazing. Google is now discontinuing support for Chrome Apps, so at some point this will stop working. We will for the time being continue to put out releases of the Chrome app.


106 thoughts on “The WorkFlowy Desktop App Has Arrived

    1. Yes, the WorkFlowy app for iPhone X causes a bug in the items in the two notches at the top of the screen (time, bars, etc.). It causes them to permanently turn black, even after leaving the app. This is a problem, and the only way I’ve seen to fix it is to restart the entire phone. This needs to be addressed immediately.

  1. Perfect addition to a perfect solution. I love the clean look, keeps me focused. Will definitely be using the desktop app over tab.

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