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Since we launched the Desktop App last year, one noticeably absent feature was the ability to get the URL for any bullet. While you can do this from the address bar when using WorkFlowy in the browser, there is no such address bar in desktop.

In my recent announcement of Deep Links we were greeted by renewed enthusiasm to let folks retrieve links from the desktop app (and then presumably later open them back up in the desktop app to complete the virtuous circle).

Therefore it is my pleasure to announce that a ‘Copy link’ menu item is now available from the hover menu for any bullet. You can also access it from the ‘…’ menu of the item you have focused. Clicking this menu option puts the URL for that item into your Clipboard where you can cmd/ctrl-v to paste it wherever your heart desires.

We plan on adding a keyboard shortcut in the near future. If you have a good suggestion for what that should be, please drop us a line in the comments.

A mobile version of this feature is in the works. Stay Tuned!

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17 thoughts on “Copy Links From the Desktop App

  1. Im not sure I understand the functionality of copying the URL. When I did that just now…copied url to a bullet that is NOT shared, signed out of workflowy, pasted the link in a new tab (Chrome)…all it did was take me to a WF page where presumably I could sign up for the service. It did NOT show me the bullet that I created.

    1. Wonderful, this is a really useful feature (I mainly use the desktop app so it already works for me!)
      Great – another reason to enjoy Workflowy (it’s my daily companion for life, the universe, and everything!)

  2. Been looking for this for a while. Hope it makes to to the mobile version soon. Another mobile app feature request: Drag and drop multiple items.


  3. Thanks. And besides we also need to have an ability to create a custom titles for internal and external links (like it is in Todoist, Trello and etc.) – for example

    [Bloomberg Radio Online](
    [Internal Link № 1](
    [Cloud File or Folder](

    And for a few years we are waiting for possibility to share an item containing lists added from other accounts.

    And we are waiting for possibility to add a shared item more than one time to a list (like it realized by Google in Google Drive – “Add a file or folder to multiple folders” possibility)

  4. Keyboard Shortcut: ctrl/cmd + alt + shift + L
    This is the “copy link” shortcut for Bear.
    Whatever you decide, *pretty please* create a Mac menu-bar item for it. Please?

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