Register for the 1st WorkFlowy Webinar of 2017!


I have *free* biweekly WorkFlowy webinars in store for you this year – part of what I’m calling WorkFlowy Academy. Go ahead and register for the January 12th webinar right away. Even if you cannot attend live, I’ll mail you with a link to watch the replay at a better time. Continue reading “Register for the 1st WorkFlowy Webinar of 2017!”

The Genius “Forever Calendar” Template – Never Manually Create Calendar Lists in WorkFlowy Again. Ever.


Maybe you’ve never warmed to the idea of having a calendar of chronological dates in WorkFlowy because you’re put off by the idea of manually setting it up – One. List. At. A. Time. I used to have my own way of automating it all… but still, I wanted it to be simpler.

A WorkFlowy hero reached out to me by email a couple of months ago with a template of all the possible date/day combinations that exist from now until kingdom come. It’s actually a much smaller template than you’re thinking right now. A huge shout-out to Christiano Lima Santos from Brazil for sharing this genius solution. I’m kicking myself for not having thought of this. Continue reading “The Genius “Forever Calendar” Template – Never Manually Create Calendar Lists in WorkFlowy Again. Ever.”

The Explanation For Our Recent Downtime

Summary: I got a false alert that the issues were resolved. Foolishly, I didn’t look into it further and didn’t realize we had an ongoing outage. 

My deepest apologies for the two outages we’ve had in the past day. The first happened yesterday at around 5pm pacific time, the second today at around 6am.  Both were caused by the same simple, easy to resolve issue. In both cases, I did not resolve the issue causing the outage because I didn’t realize the outages were happening. Our monitoring system sent me alerts saying the issues had resolved themselves just moments after it pointed out the problems in the first place. I should have looked into the issues upon getting the alerts, regardless of their supposed resolution, and I didn’t. Thus, we had hours of downtime when we should have had minutes.

I am ashamed of the situation, and stressed by the potential repercussions on the trust of our users. Due to my actions, tens of thousands of people around the world were blocked from doing their work over the past day. My apologies to all of you.

Here is what I will do to prevent this happening in the future:

  1. I’ve added two new alerts to our monitoring which are direct indicators of our most common issues. These metrics will not incorrectly resolve themselves while an outage remains active.
  2. I will always look into outage alerts, even if I get an automated alert saying an issue is resolved.
  3. After an alert, I will look at our core metrics dashboards as opposed to my own app responsiveness to determine whether the app is healthy. Loading the home page is an incredibly dumb way to verify the health of our servers. I did it simply because I was away from my computer and have never seen a real outage falsely resolved  without additional alerts. That was a huge mistake.
  4. After an alert, I will monitor our user communication channels such as Twitter and email, to get a sense of how widespread an issue is.

Again, I am truly sorry for these completely unnecessary outages. We will do our best to maintain our previously wonderful reliability.

P.S. Please consider using our offline Chrome Desktop Application. This way you will have access to your WorkFlowy lists even if we have an outage, or if you’re away from the internet.

Any Background Color You Want for Individual WorkFlowy Lists: Tweaking “Painter For WorkFlowy” Chrome Extension


This is for those among us who squeeze a lot out of WorkFlowy in the Chrome browser. This is also for those who like a tad bit of (the “right”) color in their outlines… Continue reading “Any Background Color You Want for Individual WorkFlowy Lists: Tweaking “Painter For WorkFlowy” Chrome Extension”

Tony Horton’s Staying Motivated Checklist: Fitness and Productivity Intersect


Tony Horton, fitness instructor, best known for his groundbreaking P90X workout routines, recently put out a post on his blog entitled Staying Motivated. Fitness aside, Tony Horton’s no-nonsense straight talk is enough to get anyone pumped – about this thing called life. Today’s post takes us on a brief show and tell of where productivity, fitness (if you will) and WorkFlowy intersect. I’ve also got 2 shared lists for you: Tony Horton’s “Staying Motivated” checklist and a P90X template – the layout concepts of which can be adapted to any routine you wish. We’ll also take a look at one of WorkFlowy’s brilliant little search operators which helps to juxtapose what needs juxtaposing. Continue reading “Tony Horton’s Staying Motivated Checklist: Fitness and Productivity Intersect”

We Love You Too, Sami

We received this email from a WorkFlowy user named Sami. I thought it was funny and charming, so I’m posting it here for all to enjoy.


I know this might sound a little weird since we just met, but the truth is that I have been looking for you my entire life. It’s like you’re a piece of a puzzle that I have always yearned to discover, but could never find.

When I first saw you, I immediately fell in love. Unlike others like you, you didn’t feel the need to force a specific idea or context to the way you are. You didn’t feel the need to tell me what to do with you, like so many of those insecure versions of you. From looking at you, I can see something that I see very rarely these days: trust. Some people might consider your blank expression as a negative, but I see you for who you are, WorkFlowy. I see behind that whitespace to the message it carries: “Please do with me as you please!”

You are special, WorkFlowy. You are free. You are beautiful.

Will you marry me?

PS. In all seriousness, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This app is pure genius and I am so glad to have stumbled upon it! I am definitely a subscriber for life and will recommend this to everyone.

PPS. Sorry for abusing your support channel, but when I discover things that have the potential to make a real difference in my everyday, I can’t help but to express my gratitude.


Retirement: Writing Fantasy Never Felt So Good


The Scarlet Crane 0421 (Medium)
What if I told you a world exists where at the onset of puberty children are bestowed the remarkable gift of magic? But there are some serious limitations. These children have the power to use magic for only one month, but if their magic is not unique in changing the world they’ll meet a swift death.

This is the world writer and WorkFlowy user Jim Hopkins has created in his series Transition Magic. Jim started writing five years ago as a retirement project. Since then he’s published three books with a fourth on the way. We reached out to Jim to learn more about his creative passion, and he was kind enough to tell us about his unconventional path to becoming a writer. Continue reading “Retirement: Writing Fantasy Never Felt So Good”