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January 28, 2019

spiderwebOne of the most special and powerful parts of WorkFlowy is the unique community of people who use it. The passion and creativity of our users never ceases to amaze us, along with the fascinating things they are doing with WorkFlowy.

New users often ask how they can get connected and plugged into this web.

Here’s a quick list of places where the action happens:

The Basics

  • We are active on Twitter and Facebook
  • If you need help or have a quick question, the fastest way to hear back from us is to write to
  • We have Community Forums. This includes Bug Reports, Feature Requests, and How To. We read them all, even if we mostly reply to Bug Reports.
  • There is a wonderful user-run Slack Channel where you can trade tips, laugh together, and ask questions.
  • There is a WorkFlowy subreddit, but we have migrated away from it and we don’t check it very often.
  • There is, of course, this blog. We read all your comments and reply when we can!

What’s New

  • We are hanging out on Instagram lately. Join us there if you like!
  • You can write to to send us thoughts, suggestions, questions, etc.
  • We now have a Pro-User Slack Channel for people who are building their own software enhancements to WorkFlowy and want to ask more technical questions. To join, write to
  • We recently kicked off WorkFlowy Clubhouse on the forums as a place to share neat things you are doing with WorkFlowy.
    • One day we hope to have a customized area to share Lists with each other, but this is a great place to share them for now.
    • This is an earlier version of useful Templates for WorkFlowy that other users have made.

This is the current overview of our WorkFlowy world. We hope you engage in whichever format works best for you. We love hearing from you and seeing you inspire each other!

Thanks for all your passion and enthusiasm.

Keep up the good lists!

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Jim Palik
7 months ago

Is this blog still active? The last comment was 4 years ago.

4 years ago

Really great to see you working on improving WorkFlowy again. Can’t wait to see the improvements ahead.

**cough** flat lists **cough** and **cough** file uploads **cough** πŸ™‚

Troy Lakey
4 years ago

You guys are doing a great job with all of this. Thank you!

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