WorkFlowy Web Clipper: a smoother way to research

We’ve released a unique web clipper with the full power of our fractal notes right inside of it. It lets you take notes on the link you’re clipping at the moment you’re gathering the information, without having to switch context. You can capture your thoughts, re-organize and share at the moment the content is freshest in your mind.

Click here to Install for Google Chrome. Other browsers are coming soon.

Please try it out and let us know what you think.

Note: Our official announcement of this happened on twitter, so that’s where most of the action is if you want to see people’s comments.

12 thoughts on “WorkFlowy Web Clipper: a smoother way to research

  1. Jesse: An excellent addition. I’ve been using it all afternoon as if I’d always had it.

    Will it be available in iOS?

    Workflowy is a fantastic product. With more power than I’ll ever master. Thanks.

    Kind regards.


  2. I’ve been just recently looking for a chrome extension to store highlights like you can do on Kindle. And here we are 🙂

    As for me, it would be great to have shortcuts to decrease the number of mouse clicks to store the clip. And having some default node where to store all clips would be also handy.


    1. Seeing this comment as well as one on Twitter asking for something like a GTD inbox – echoing those and agreeing.
      Has me wondering, though, about a more fundamental feature – moving a node, from a node, to somewhere else in the tree without having to drag and drop. This would be so powerful. The beginnings of this are definitely already there as I can jump to search, begin typing…and then jump to autosuggested results as they form. Just need to make this result a destination for previously selected node…perhaps?

      1. Hi Corey!
        We’re going to have inline searching to move lists to elsewhere… pretty much how we can search for lists to link to by typing [[ and lists to mirror and embed by typing in ((

  3. I’m sure this is nice for desktop users, but as someone who mostly uses the iOS app I need to voice my frustration at the recent changes to Workflowy that mostly or only benefit desktop users, whilst functionality has been crippled on mobile. To be fair this comment really belongs on the ‘Fancy New Left Bar’ post, but comments there have been closed. I didn’t bother to pipe up when that feature rolled out because I was hopeful there would be some refinements in subsequent updates or I would discover some trick I overlooked, but unfortunately the rollout of the sidebar has massively broken Workflowy’s utility for me.

    Clearly I’m in the minority, but I use the iOS app 90% of the time, and the backbone of my workflow is being able to quickly navigate back to the Home screen, where I have all my most-commonly used lists and tags organized in a way that makes sense for me. There used to be a ‘Home’ button in the bottom corner that made this dead simple, from any view in the app. Now, that button has been removed and the ‘Sidebar’ hamburger button has taken its place. I see the utility of the sidebar for reorganizing lists, but that’s something I do far less frequently than referencing my top-level lists (and would probably always elect to wait and do so on the desktop app, anyway). But now I don’t seem to have any convenient way to get to my top-level lists, though I’ve tried to figure out several alternatives:

    – At first I thought the new ‘Home’ header for the navigation section of the sidebar might serve a similar purpose, but this header is the one entry in the navigation list that *can’t* be tapped to browse to it. If it was tappable, it would at least be somewhat ergonomically-convenient as it’s near the bottom of the sidebar where the hamburger button is, except it’s never going to be in the same place if I actually make use of the sidebar navigation and scroll/expand views therein.

    – The navigation breadcrumb on top of the screen isn’t helpful for this, because (unlike on desktop) ‘Home’ scrolls off-screen once you get more than one or two levels deep.

    – I though adding ‘Home’ to my starred pages might be an adequate workaround, but it seems we still cannot re-order starred pages? Do I have that right? So it seems the best I could do is to wipe out all my starred pages, recreate them with ‘Home’ at the top of the list, which would still mean my best way to get ‘Home’ is to tap a button in extreme left-bottom corner or the screen, then tap a button in the extreme left-top corner of the screen. (Except as with the navigation section, even that won’t reliably be in the same location if I have scrolled the sidebar view.)

    There’s a persistent toolbar spanning the bottom of the screen that only has three buttons in it, can we just get the Home button back where it used to be? Personally I don’t understand why the big ‘+’ button is even there, there’s no equivalent in the desktop app and I never use it because I’m usually adding items at the end of a list. The new ‘+’ buttons next to headers in the sidebar seem to serve the same purpose, anyway. But If this is really a useful shortcut for people it would make more sense to me to replace it with a ‘pull-down-to-append-to-top-of-list’ gesture like you see in I also think a ‘swipe from left edge’ gesture would also be a more useful way to open the sidebar than a button.

    Please, *please* can you address this, or clue me in if there’s some other shortcut to go ‘Home’ I’ve overlooked? It’s killing me, and I really don’t want to go through the ordeal of finding a new organization app again. 😦

    1. Hi Sam,

      we recognize that we need to give the mobile apps some serious attention. We’re currently discussing this.

      To get to your home screen you can swipe the breadcrumb navigation to the right to get to the beginning (which you already know). Sorry! We know this is not the most convenient.

      To answer another question of yours, no, right now we can’t reorder the left bar.

  4. I’ll be eager to use this once a Firefox version is ready. It’s way more useful that what I’ve been doing with Evernote.

    One thing confusing me: is this a completely different outline from our main one? I would want to be able to move the items into my main one, in which I keep pretty much my entire life.

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