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April 7, 2021

The world of productivity, time management, problem solving techniques, and general organization is vast and dotted with many rabbit holes. It seems that every couple of months there’s a shiny new technique or framework with its respective acronym promising to help us get organized once and for all. The thing is we’re all different and so are our needs. Where one system or technique works wonders for one person, it might frustrate and annoy another.

Most people find or develop one system and stick with it for long stretches of time – ‘it’s not perfect but it’s good enough for me’ they might think.

Others however seem to have a natural inclination to constantly explore and sample from this vast world. Trying out all the systems and techniques, and incorporating bits and pieces into an ever-changing ultimate system. A splash of pomodoro technique, a dash of time blocking, and a side of GTD for good measure. These folks are never content with ‘good enough’ and are constantly on the hunt for perfection. When you ask them what they’ve tried – they can confidently rattle off a handful of the things they’ve experimented with and probably incorporated some aspects of into their daily lives.

These folks are productivity enthusiasts, brainstorm technique gurus, and metacognition explorers. They’re interested in how processes and frameworks can help individuals achieve their highest goals and reflect on their deepest thoughts.

If this sounds familiar and you’re interested in writing for the Workflowy blog then check out the freelance writer position below and get in touch with us via the google form link at the bottom👇 .


We are looking for a freelance writer to regularly contribute content to the Workflowy blog and for guest posts around the topics of productivity, time management, problem solving, and general organization.

About the position

  • This is a long-term freelance gig
  • You’ll be required to contribute at least 1 high quality post a week to the blog.
  • You’ll collaborate with our marketing team to create compelling, easy to understand articles around the productivity, time management, and self-organization spaces.
  • Topics could be pitched or assigned and the marketing team will assist in editing and optimizing content for SEO purposes.

About you

You love to write and are deeply involved or interested in the productivity, focus, brainstorming, and general organization spaces. You love trying out tools and methods to help you be more productive and stay on top of everything. You’re interested in researching how different industries and types of people take these tools and use them in their own day-to-day – and then explaining your findings to a broader audience.


  • Independently research topics relevant for our audience
  • Pitch ideas for new articles on main and adjacent topics
  • Summarize and develop interesting findings into articles
  • Write original articles for the Workflowy blog
  • Write occasional articles for guest posts
  • Collaborate with marketing team on optimizing content for SEO
  • Develop an understanding of the audience – what topics work, which don’t

Bonus points

  • You’re already using Workflowy to stay organized in your personal / professional life
  • You already write, podcast, make videos or create any type of content related to our key topics
  • Proficient in SEO keyword research and article optimization

Some buzzwords 

If you practice, have tried or are familiar with most of the items on this list and are interested in researching and writing about them and adjacent topics, then you’re very likely someone who will enjoy the position.

  • Personal productivity method
  • Bullet journal
  • Pomodoro method
  • Eisenhower matrix
  • Remote work
  • Context switching
  • Prioritization
  • Time blocking
  • Brainstorming techniques
  • Journaling
  • GTD

We’d love to see

  • 2 – 3 example of things you’ve written in the past
  • Bonus points if they’re related to our main topics but it’s totally fine if they’re not
  • Could be published or unpublished

If this sounds like you the we’d love to get in touch!

Please click the button below to view the google form and apply.

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Adv. Md. Shahnewaz Zwaki (Imon)

As I mentioned before, I published an article in my blog. Anybody can read the article and know “how many ways lawyer can use workflowy?”. Here is the link of the article . Farther more, if you give me an opportunity to write an article for you, it will be my honor.

Adv. Md. Shahnewaz Zwaki (Imon)
Reply to  Rodolfo Lopez

Thank a lot, sir. I will continue publishing articles about workflowy in my blog. Because, I love 💕 workflowy.

Adv. Md. Shahnewaz Zwaki (Imon)

I am a lawyer. I write about productivity app for lawyer and law firms in my blog [The Desk Of A Lawyer]( If you give me an oppertunity to write an article about ”How easily lawyer can use Workflowy as their main note-taking app?”, then I can write a blog post to your site for free.

Kristian Jones
2 years ago

I’m a long time Workflowy user. I love it! However I’m constantly baffled by the complete lack of any MFA. I would be laughed at if I recommended this product solely based on that one missing feature. I want to evangelize Workflowy but my hands are tied by a lack of priorities in your boardroom. Kind regards. KJ

2 years ago
Reply to  Kristian Jones

Looks like your observation regarding the MFA part has been taken care of, now.

2 years ago
Reply to  SV

Is MFA multi factorial authentication?

Kristian Jones
2 years ago
Reply to  SV

Coincidental timing but greatly appreciated. I don’t mind getting a code from my email. Nothing like a password attack to escalate the importance of multi-factor authentication. Thank you WorkFlowy!

2 years ago

I am a writer but I am not the writer for you right now, But I am thrilled buy everything workflowy recently and even more thrilled to have consistent High quality blog riding for users and new users. Bon Courage!

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