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One thing, above all else, seems to get people talking about the new mobiles apps we released: the text size. For some it is too large. For others, it is too small. Still others, just right.


Bask in the glory of adjustable text sizing.

Note: The next step in this would be to use the system default size as a base, but that’s not in this release.

PS – If you haven’t gone to the Apple or Play stores and given us a review, we would love if you could do that (5 stars would be greatly appreciated, but only if deserved).


Workflowy replaces your notebooks, stickies and bloated apps with a simple, smooth digital notebook that makes it easy to get organized and be productive.

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17 Responses

  1. are you going to bring these enhancements to desktop? it would be kind of nice if all implementations were consistent.

  2. Y’all be killing it lately. I feel The Return of the Por coming (as in, my cancelled-after-many-years subscription)!

  3. I’m still waiting for the ability to select multiple lines – up through entire sub groups of bullets – on ios mobile, in order to grab and move to new location, cut and paste and or copy and paste. Only being able to select one line, is very tedious. I can do all this on the browser and PC based versions. This change on mobile version would allow me to use workflowy on the road – which is half of my life. Thanks
    , Dave

  4. Awesome, I like it! I have an iPhone 7 Plus so the default text size was pretty big. I changed my WorkFlowy text size to 16 and can see a lot more.

  5. Soooooo thrilled with all the recent progress on the mobile app! You’ve hit almost all of the major “pain points” for me, personally, when using he app before. Keep up the great work, guys!

  6. Would be nice to hear anyfeedback in relation to Why this improved recently app can’t be installed on devices with older than Android 5 OS?
    Thank you!

    1. It can’t be used on older versions of Android for simply technical reasons. The tools we use to build the app don’t work on older versions, unfortunately :/ It is something we hope to be able to address at some point.

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