Multi-Factor Authentication Is Live in Beta


June 24, 2021
phone serving as key for multi factor authentication

As part of our ongoing efforts to make Workflowy a more secure environment for your data, we’re releasing multi-factor authentication to the beta version of Workflowy. If you have Workflowy labs enabled on your account, you can now activate multi-factor authentication.

What is MFA?

MFA stands for multi-factor authentication.

Multi-factor authentication is when a user must provide two or more pieces of evidence to verify their identity to gain access to an app or digital resource.

So if a hacker gains access to your login ID and password, they still can’t login without the second authentication method.

Simply put, MFA makes your WorkFlowy data more secure!

How does MFA work?

Your phone is the most common method for a second authentication method.

You typically install an Authenticator app, which allows you to setup and manage multiple MFA login accounts.

Then when you login to an account, the app generates a temporary code that you enter into the MFA login form after you have entered your password.

How do I set up MFA in Workflowy?

Here’s a short video that walks you through the set up process.

If you prefer written instructions, they’re available here.

Feel free to give us feedback about the feature in the comments section below!

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Joseph Zitt
1 year ago

Unless I missed it, the MFA Settings don’t show *which* Authenticator I had set up with Workflowy. I had to thrash through several on my phone to find the right one. Could this be included (without compromising security)?

Frank Degenaar
2 years ago


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