New features: Editing on iPhone & iPad. Syncing across windows & devices.


August 23, 2011

We pushed out a release last week with a couple of new features.

iPhone/iPad editing
You can now edit on iPhone and iPad. We’re working hard to get it fast enough to work nicely on Android, but it isn’t there yet. This is an alpha release and it is still not a perfect experience (clickable bits are currently too small, for example), but we wanted to get it out to you because people have already been waiting a long time. Please email with feedback. Once we have everything working nicely with offline editing, we’ll package it as a native app.

Syncing between tabs and devices
If you have WorkFlowy open in two tabs, or on your phone and on your laptop, changes you make in one will be reflected on the other. This is our first step toward collaboration, and we’re using it to collaborate on WorkFlowy internally. Pretty nice stuff 🙂

Other stuff
There are also a number of additional small improvements (like the ability to put tabs in notes) that you can enjoy discovering as you use WorkFlowy 🙂

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8 years ago

When will I be able to use WorkFlowy on my windows phone?

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