Re: Here’s how to become a WorkFlowy pirate ninja


January 16, 2014


We got the following email today, from Brian Crowe. It is in response to one of our email tips, entitled, “Here’s how to become a WorkFlowy pirate ninja”.

“A Workflowy pirate ninja”?

Are you ignorant of the Pirates vs Ninjas culture war that is so deep it has its own Wikipedia article?

My mind reels at very existence of such an unlikelihood, a child born of a pirate and a ninja, two sworn enemies.  Such a man (or woman) would be as peculiar as a cat-mouse or a cop-robber.

What an idea indeed!

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9 years ago

Jesse is a natural-born Pirate Ninja.
– One Who Knows.

Troy Lakey
9 years ago

Wait, WorkFlowy emails tips? How did I miss that list, and how do I get on it?

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