Give Me One Good Reason Why You’re Not Creating Lists WITH Your Kids


I’ve dedicated my WorkFlowy book to my daughter:

For Emma-Pearl: Each Pomodoro spent on this book meant less beach time for you. Though you don’t yet know all about lists and productivity, you’re on almost all of my lists… and hands down, the #1 beneficiary of my @Future-me tag.

I’m going to need to change this up a tad, because my daughter has caught on to list making in a big way since my book came out. I’m kicking myself for not having taught her about making lists much sooner. You know… little human beings are much more capable than we give them credit for. If you’re not making lists with your kids yet, you’re seriously missing out – it’s so much freaking fun!

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Different Fonts for Different WorkFlowy Outlines


As your use of WorkFlowy expands, you’ll be doing a lot more than creating lists. You might want to give life logging or journaling a go. Then there’s task management and project outlining, long-form writing, threshing out your blog posts… or just thinking about thinking.

You might very well want to have different fonts for different outlines, seeing as when you zoom into any list, you may potentially be moving into a different mode altogether. If you’re zooming into your journal, you may want to have a font that helps you put on your journaling hat. It could be a typewriter font… or whatever else. This post gives you those tools.

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