The Genius “Forever Calendar” Template – V.2

I wrote a post a short while back on the “Forever Calendar”. What the Forever Calendar gives us is every possible day-date combination that could possibly exist in 7 quick-copy lists. The shared list I’m bringing to you today, I think, (1) brings a welcome aesthetic change to your calendar lists… as well as (2) a … Continue reading The Genius “Forever Calendar” Template – V.2

The Kanban Calendar for Tracking Tasks in WorkFlowy

In the February 23rd  WorkFlowy webinar, we looked at task management using the Kanban Calendar. The Kanban Calendar is a mashup of the GTD-ish Ticker File, the Eisenhower Matrix and basic Kanban principles. Plus there's a way to totally automate it with the "Forever Calendar", linked to below. Here's the Kanban Calendar screencast we looked at … Continue reading The Kanban Calendar for Tracking Tasks in WorkFlowy