WorkFlowy + Markdown = ❤


Markdown fans know they can write anywhere using the simplest of Markdown syntax. Versatility and scalability are but 2 words that come to mind.

I want to woo you into writing in WorkFlowy – and away from your favorite Markdown editor. There’s all the reason in the world why and zero reasons why not. Just the fact that WorkFlowy is WorkFlowy should be enough… then there’s the ability to automate it all and shape WorkFlowy into your very own customized Markdown editor.

With WorkFlowy you really can have your cake and eat it. I’ve been eating Markdown cake for quite some time now. While not an exhaustive post on Markdown itself, this was a show and tell of how you can automate it all in WorkFlowy and get the best of both worlds: A Markdown and Markdown preview hybrid. Continue reading “WorkFlowy + Markdown = ❤”

Embed Google Docs, Mind Maps, YouTube Videos, Evernote Notes and More in WorkFlowy


Sometimes serendipity runs its course – like the almost happenstance privilege I get to blog in this space… or stumbling upon JavaScript that powers a whole new subset of WorkFlowy use cases: the ability to embed web content from a variety of sources right into your outlines. I don’t understand the first thing about JavaScript (only how to copy-paste), so you’re in good company. Now let me show you a couple of gems I’ve been polishing.

Below you’ll see a handful of apps and services I was able to get to show up in WorkFlowy – each of which have highly practical potential. I’m positive that more than one will pique your interest… Continue reading “Embed Google Docs, Mind Maps, YouTube Videos, Evernote Notes and More in WorkFlowy”

Get WorkFlowy Inline Images out of your System in 2016


I’ve been tinkering with inline images – right in WorkFlowy – for a couple of weeks now, along with a few other WorkFlowy users. We were unanimous in our findings: The results are amazing!… and then after a day or two, it’s like… meh. It’s all there for the taking. And after all is said and done, you decide whether to take it or leave it. One thing I’m positive about after having run the image display gauntlet: many may appreciate the current simplicity of WorkFlowy to a greater degree… and, may just decide to give this a go for limited use cases. Let’s give a quick show and tell of the what and howContinue reading “Get WorkFlowy Inline Images out of your System in 2016”