How Martine Ellis uses WorkFlowy to Stay on Cue with her Podcasting


I recently had a chat with Martine Ellis from ( about how she puts WorkFlowy to work behind the scenes with her podcasting. To follow, there’s also a link to a podcast interview she did with me a couple of days ago.  Continue reading “How Martine Ellis uses WorkFlowy to Stay on Cue with her Podcasting”

Dr. WorkFlowy Dissects Stress and Anxiety


My late grandmother, Florence, a sharp-minded French woman, had her own saying: “When your heart is down, carve a piece of leather”. She used to create the most intricate designs on leather, plying skillfully as she, too, worked through matters of the heart. I do the same in WorkFlowy. It’s less poetic, but it does get the job done.

I’ve outlined life-changing decisions, pinpointed causes of anxiety, given myself a kick in the pants with numerous projects both big and small and streamlined tons of workflows for way better efficiency. Outlining in WorkFlowy can and does lead to a change in perspective – be it organizational or existential – which in turn gives us the impetus to make real changes – which go beyond the realm of productivity and “busy work”. Continue reading “Dr. WorkFlowy Dissects Stress and Anxiety”