Workflowy Beta Maintenance Is Complete


July 22, 2021

Hey there Workflowy folks, just wanted to let you know that beta maintenance has been completed and you can again access beta by going to

If you have any questions you can reach us at

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2 years ago

Hello ~ Few months ago, i was locked out because of the required “onetime verification code” at login.

Problem is, that account/email was made long long ago and the email itself is forgotten/unused/expired etc… Until that random(?) day(?), there hasn’t been any problem signing-in in either beta or..?

Since alternatives were busy/urgently required then, backups/workflows from (many) elsewheres were adapted/utilized instead. Only i cannot help missing this (all in one type) service. Especially with some of the more savory updates of late.. Have been checking back every few weeks, if just to keep the account/data itself from expiring from lack of use as things online are prone to do..

More particularly, there’s years of forgotten work/data/backups in there yet to be revised/revisited til now. Unless i use, solely, the mobile app. Which could/might require verification of its own anytime so hasn’t yet been (allowed to) sync online.. Copying/re-versioning to pc-only services is also a giant pain.

Mourning the loss of easy brainstorming everytime the app is “used”/opened. Temptation to use it again even if just offline, beckons harder everytime. Living in fear of accidentally going online and losing it all FTR forever. Heck, even support requires login. Just glad the workflowy blog itself is still here!

HELP please?

Frank Degenaar
2 years ago


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