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May 14, 2014
Random team vibe photo courtesty of Kevin Dooley
Photo courtesy of Kevin Dooley

A lot of people use WorkFlowy to collaborate on teams. Sometimes these teams want to bulk purchase WorkFlowy Pro accounts for all their team members, in order to collaborate privately, use it without a quota and all the other wonderful things that you get with WorkFlowy Pro. Today, we’re announcing WorkFlowy for Teams, which makes it a lot easier to make these bulk purchases, and represents the first step toward improving WorkFlowy’s collaborative functions.

Benefits of a team account include

  1. All the benefits of WorkFlowy Pro
  2. Easy team administration
  3. 20% off the regular cost of WorkFlowy Pro

If you work at a company and are interested in upgrading but have questions, you can email with any questions.

Learn more at

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Tyler G
Tyler G
9 years ago

I’m not sure it’s a good use of Workflowy development person-hours to re-implement what Google Docs has already done an excellent job of. Workflowy does not (I think) have nearly the development staff size of Google, so I doubt if they could very easily take on a large task that already has a widely used solution. I’d much rather see Workflowy continue to innovate and bring us features that we don’t already have access to. If you want collaborative documents with full history, then simply use Google Docs. You can link a Google Docs share-URL right into a Workflowy item. I’ve done that lots of times, and it’s pretty handy.

Simon JB
Simon JB
9 years ago
Reply to  Tyler G

I think you misunderstood me.
I mentioned google docs as a reference, but I didn’t have in mind anything as sophisticated as what they’re doing at google (real time editing, full text layout etc…). You’re right, there is no point in turning workflowy into Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365.

My point was, it is currently really hard to collaborate over a common workflowy tree. It kinda works for a couple preparing a shopping list, and even in this case it remains quite basic ; but if you want to sell that to a team, even a small team, it feels hacky to hover your mouse on the bulletpoints to see what was modified when, or to input manually your name on bulletpoints that you changed.

Nobody is going to use workflowy as a text editor or google docs replacement; but if you want to use it as a collaborative brainstorming tool, light todo list or team note taking thing, it definitely lacks features. Features that would be valuable to “normal users” too. Maybe not a full history, but for instance two simple things that would fit well with the current simplicity and UI design of workflowy :
– when you view a collaborative tree, show the bulletpoints that have been edited since your last connexion in a different color. You could even color-code them depending on which users edited them last. (workflowy already save the “last-edited” date for each bullet).
– set up a special “search” view allowing you to sort the bullet point in the current tree based on their last edition date (again, information already available in workflowy)
– make a simple UI for the current hidden operator “last-changed”

Simple adjustments to help you track what has changed.

For real-time editing and document collaboration, you can indeed copy paste a google docs / zoho / office 365 link anywhere.

Simon JB
Simon JB
9 years ago
Reply to  Simon JB

And again, I might be wrong but a full history of the modifications for the current node would not be that hard to implement. Actually Workflowy already does that, when you select the option to receive all changes each day by email. You “only” need to add the time of edition / addition and which user, and there you have it.

Probably more complex to implement than I think it is, but not as complex as the full versioning done at Google.

Tyler G
Tyler G
9 years ago
Reply to  Simon JB

Yup, you make some good points 🙂 I can see your requests could be quite useful.

Simon JB
Simon JB
9 years ago

That’s a really good business move.
Hope it will bring you additional revenues to accelerate the development 🙂 If I worked in a small structure and not a multi-national business, I would definitely ask my management to consider Workflowy.

One key feature missing though, to make workflowy a real collaboration tool ; an history of all additions / editions for a particular document, google docs style. You could even attribute a color for each user and color the bulletpoints differently to show what has changed and who edited what…

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