WorkFlowy Tip: Open Another Tab


November 26, 2013

This is a guest post by Steve Stroh. If you’d like to contribute a guest blog post, just email your idea to

This Workflowy tip will to sound ridiculously simple to Workflowy power users. It was a bit of a revelation to me, though, and maybe this will help future Workflowy newbies.

The Problem
Workflowy is SO responsive in normal use that it FEELS to me like a native app, on both Windows and Mac. So, I used to use it like that – bring up a browser window add, edit, move stuff around, etc. But after a while, when my Workflowy got to have lots of branches, and deep, it got to be cumbersome to switch between different parts of it.

The Solution
Then it hit me… Workflowy is a WEB app… all I had to do to see different parts of my Workflowy simultaneously was to just open additional browser tabs / windows to! Wow… did Workflowy really sing for me after that “discovery”.

Another Solution
The WorkFlowy teams encourages you to try the “star” feature as another way to navigate between different parts of WorkFlowy. Read this blog post about starred pages for more info. In short, every WorkFlowy page has a star at the top right that you can click to save that page. You can then click the star next to the search box to navigate between your starred pages.

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Paul Smith
Paul Smith
8 years ago

Being able to have two Workflowy windows open at the same time is useful, for example, if I want to work on a list of tasks for today but also see my task lists organized by topic/project. But when I open two Internet Explorer browser windows both pointed to Workflowly, I’ve noticed a problem that when I’m typing in one window, the cursor will randomly jump to the other open Internet Explorer window. Has anyone else noticed this behavior? I just assumed it was not possible to have two instances of Workflowy opened without the computer getting confused as to which window you are working in.

Jonathan Leung
9 years ago

I’ve been doing this a lot! How do I do this in with the new Offline application?


Nicholas Perry
9 years ago
Reply to  Jonathan Leung

The lack of tabs is I why don’t use the offline chrome app.

9 years ago

Hi, you can use Split Screen Chrome Extension in order to see multiple parts of your list in the same window!

9 years ago

Exactly what I do.. I usually have workflowy open at work adding work stuff, but then what to do when a personal idea strikes? or I get a link I’d like to read after work? just middle click and go to my personal branch 🙂 is just soo easy!

vor en
vor en
9 years ago

i use a bit of a combination.
it’s great to quick star searches and come back to it when hitting escape (accidentally or otherwise) undoes the search leaving no page history.

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