WorkFlowy Mobile: Swipe To Delete

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The moment we started gathering feedback our new mobile apps, people started pleading, “Please let us delete stuff!!!!” So, today we’re delighted to do exactly that. To delete something, just swipe from right to left on it. You have to swipe pretty far, because we didn’t want to trigger this accidentally. If you delete something with a lot of other stuff inside it, we also bring up a little “undo” bar, so you can change your mind. You can also always use our handy undo feature.

Happy deleting!

PS – If you haven’t gone to the Apple or Play stores and given us a review, we would love if you could do that (5 stars would be greatly appreciated, but only if deserved).

22 thoughts on “WorkFlowy Mobile: Swipe To Delete

  1. That is excellent. Now, if we could get right-swipe to complete an item, we would be really cooking with gas!

    1. Wait, I just tried right swipe, and if green means completed, then apparently that already works too?!

      1. I’m guessing so – but I haven’t seen an iOS update yet. Maybe it’s following the Sun 🙂

      2. They can implement many features on the WorkFlowy servers without you needing to update the app. If swipe to delete isn’t working, click the “3 dots” icon and then reload.

  2. This is fantastic! Thanks so much for such a quick response. Your company and the app are the best.

  3. Swipe from left to right is complete. If you swipe again, could you make it incomplete ?

    1. Yup that is how it works. You need to “Show Completed” from the “…” Menu for this to work

  4. Super, super pleased with the progress y’all have made with the mobile app! It looks and functions great!! Delete is working great once I reloaded my list, as advised above.

  5. Does this new Workflowy version and the swipe to delete work only with IOS 10? I don’t have IOS 10 yet. Am I out of luck?

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