A Superhero Has Joined The WorkFlowy Team. His Name is Stefano.


Stefano’s the one in the center of this photo, in the grey suit. He doesn’t normally wear a suit, but he always looks this good.

I’ve been giddy for the last three weeks. Why? Because Stefano J. Attardi has joined the WorkFlowy team, and he’s a game changer. I think of him as Super Jesse. Like me, he has a wide range of skills, spanning design and programming. Unlike me, he’s really good at all of them.

Stefano’s frontend engineering skills will help us increase the pace in which we improve the parts of WorkFlowy you interact with every day. His design skills will help make those improvements sparkle. He’s currently working on a delightful overhaul of the visual design of WorkFlowy, and after that we’ll be working on collaboration oriented features.

Stefano previously worked as a user interface engineer and designer at Facebook, and at a handful of startups including Cloudant and Storehouse. In addition to being very talented, he’s a sweet and thoughtful person. He lives in San Francisco, has an adorable and needy cat, and dresses to kill.

Lastly, Stefano is an avid WorkFlowy user and understands the core values and aesthetic of the product. With the addition of Stefano, our core team now feels whole, and I’m genuinely excited to see where things go from here.



13 thoughts on “A Superhero Has Joined The WorkFlowy Team. His Name is Stefano.

  1. Nice to see that Workflowy is gearing up for us πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait for the reminders feature !!
    All the best

  2. Welcome Stefano! I hope to see improving Workflowy, without losing it’s simplicity en cleaned up interface. More is less, so keep it simple guys!

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