Workflowy for Outlining & Brainstorming Short Stories

I came across a fantastic show-and-tell by Brandon Abbott on how he uses WorkFlowy to outline and brainstorm short stories… so I reached out to him and asked him to put together a screencast for us.

In Brandon’s own words:

“I write fiction the way a squirrel crosses the street. Sometimes I need a little direction. For years, I’ve used Workflowy to corral my wayward thoughts, organize large projects, take meetings notes, and more. Now, I’ve discovered that it’s also a great tool for creative writing. Workflowy gives my brain the freedom to be creative by removing the clutter of disorganization.”

In the following screencast, Brandon walks us through brainstorming character development, using pre-made templates, tagging to track ideas and more.

A couple of resources

shared outline of the exact same templates seen in the screencast.

The story, “Rose,” which won the contest mentioned in the screencast.

Brandon Abbott lives in Nashville, TN, where he serves as a minister and lives with his wife and three children. To read more by Brandon, including his short stories, check out his blog.

If you’ve got a WorkFlowy story to tell, please drop me a line:

3 thoughts on “Workflowy for Outlining & Brainstorming Short Stories

  1. Hi,

    thanks for the informative video. It also raised the question (for me), how he is doing the kind of subtitles without bullets? With the smaller font …


  2. Hey Peter… you create notes for lists/ bullets by using the keyboard shortcut Shift+Enter… or via the bullet hover menu there’s an option. On mobile when you are in edit mode, above the keyboard you’ll see a note + pencil icon that you can tap to create a note.

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