How to Make Reusable Checklists in WorkFlowy


November 2, 2012

WorkFlowy makes it easy to create a checklist for a repetitive process. Here’s how: 

  1. Create a list to use as a template
  2. Duplicate the list
  3. That’s it. There’s no step three.

Here’s a 30 second video demonstrating how simple it is:

At WorkFlowy, we use this internally all the time. Every time we do a major release, we do a manual run-through of the app, to make sure all the major features are working as expected. We manage this process with a simple, checklist. We have a template, and we create a new copy for every major release. In that copy we record the status and issues particular to that release. Here’s the template we use. All the duplicates are under the list “Testing Notes”.

Our testing template

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Brent Lacy
Brent Lacy
9 years ago

Reading the Blog answered a request. I was going to submit a new feature request for setting up a daily reoccurring task. Like a lot of people who use workflowy I use as a to do list, however I also use it as a to-done list. I track how much time I have spent on each task so I can record it in our company project time tracking software. Some days I have to do the same thing everyday and so I have to track that task/time everyday. It would have been natural for me to ask for a hash-tag or some other such function that auto-replicates for reoccurring tasks. I really like the template / duplicate option, I feel pretty silly realizing that this has been around since Nov 2012 and I am just now finding it.

Thank you much for your work, and workflowy.

9 years ago

Is it possible to toggle Completed to Uncompleted for a large list of items at once? Eg if I pack to go somewhere I make my list and complete my items as I add them, but the next time I want to go somewhere I’d like to start with a refreshed, uncompleted list (without having to Ctrl+Enter for each). Thank you 🙂

Lukas Petry
Lukas Petry
7 years ago
Reply to  jobrodie

sure! Select the whole list and then do the Ctrl+Enter. @jobrodie

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