How to Quickly Sort Your Inbox


Like many people, I use WorkFlowy for my To-Do list. I employ a strategy similar to GTD (Getting Things Done) where I add tasks to my Inbox and then sort them later into appropriate categories.

We recently updated WorkFlowy so that you can drag an item directly under a collapsed list. When you do so the item will get added to the top without the list being expanded (accompanied by a cute animation).

As the video below illustrates, this allows one to quickly sort through an inbox by dragging items into the desired lists without them opening up and getting in your way.


Give it a try!


Workflowy replaces your notebooks, stickies and bloated apps with a simple, smooth digital notebook that makes it easy to get organized and be productive.

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7 Responses

  1. Hey Jacob,

    I’m happy with the latest enhancement, but have one request. This happens with search active. I often process an ‘inbox’ item by tagging it, searching for the tag, and then dragging to the new location as a child of a matching tagged item. Then I explode the tag of the moved item.

    If the destination level has collapsed siblings, the new behavior gobbles the match (as in the gif) so you have to “reactivate” the search to view the now-hidden, tagged item to explode the tag. If the destination level has no siblings, the dragged item remains visible, honoring the search view as expected.

    Would it be possible, with search active, to have the dragged item remain visible whenever it has the “match” class?


  2. Hey,

    I’m using the Mac Desktop app, and this feature doesnt seem to be active on it. Anybody know what is going on? Is it only available on the online version of it?

  3. Please, be careful about adding “cuteness” to a quite conservative app as this may result in Ribbon or Material hell.

  4. I see that you a design change was made with moving. It used to be a line, then with the recent change it showed the entire word as it moved. Then it was changed back to a line. I understand the change and realize that there are tradeoffs in everything you do in your design. For whatever reason I found I actually preferred seeing the entire word as it moved. With the line I have to really pay close attention to where the tip of the line is, but the word was very easy to see a shift in from one snapping point to another.

    Again, this is not a criticism, I think it works fine with the line. I was just curious if you guys have ever considered included some options for the users that would like some of these features to behave a different way. Some like the line, and others the word to be shown as it moves. Why not have a toggle button in the options that allows us to decide? Just a thought. Thanks for your work. It is immensely helpful in keeping my brain organized.

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