Lee Granas, Organizer Extraordinaire, Has Joined The WorkFlowy Team



I’m excited to announce that my good friend Lee Granas has joined WorkFlowy. Lee and I have been dear friends for a really long time. She brings order to chaos and I bring chaos to order, so we’re a good pair. We’ve done side projects together and I’ve always hoped I’d get a chance to work with her in the future. I’m very happy that she’s decided to join us in trying to make WorkFlowy into what it can be.

Lee is the kind of person who organizes other people’s weddings for fun. Not kidding, she really does that. She just organizes stuff and people, it is her thing. And that’s part of what she’s doing at WorkFlowy. She’s helping us keep on top of stuff, adding a dash of process to our chaos, just doing all the stuff that just needs to get done. She’s going to help keep the WorkFlowy ship going straight and help us navigate the process of growing our team and improving the product.

In addition to adding a dash of process to WorkFlowy, Lee’s role is basically that of the non-technical co-founder (even though she did CS in college, so she’s technical, fyi). In addition to basic project management work she’s going to be doing everything from marketing, to finding and hiring contractors (she already found someone to help with the visual design of WorkFlowy), to making sure we don’t forget to pay our bills, to running our user testing and user feedback process.

Anyway, please welcome Lee to the WorkFlowy team!


Workflowy replaces your notebooks, stickies and bloated apps with a simple, smooth digital notebook that makes it easy to get organized and be productive.

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16 Responses

  1. wow, such a flurry of announcements and new hires – change is in the air! Excited to see the evolution and good ideas that are no doubt coming. Workflowy and Change are not often seen in the same sentence – its the Craigslist of productivity software. But some new bits and bobs would be really nice!

    1. Haha, yeah. Well, we hope to change the perception that we’re the craigslist of productivity software, which is a hilarious idea. There’s still a lot of work to be done on the product.

  2. 1. Congratulations 2. Please allow for a larger typeface on WorkFlowy for iPhone. Seriously. I mean, really. You have only nearsighted users?


  3. I appreciate seeing the flurry of movement and hires at Workflowy. Anxious to see an improved mobile experience (Android, iOS – iPad in particular). Also hopefully for better exporting functionality to improve appearance and user experience in terms of report generation. And my #1 wish – support hierarchy of different bullet points as lists are built (like Windows). Thanks!

    1. Don’t understand what this means: “support hierarchy of different bullet points as lists are built”. Can you say more?

      1. I think he’s asking for different bullet “icons” for different levels of indentation.

        – indent level 1 is a circle
        – indent level 2 is a box

        Similar to leveling in MS Word.

        Not sure how WorkFlowy would integrate that.

      2. Yes, jobyx described that better than I did. The different bullet icon is an important element for me as I often need to provide information contained in Workflowy in a report format. When everything has the same bullet icon (even with different indents) it’s harder to read/understand and just doesn’t look that great.

  4. Agree with others here – so exciting to see the flurry of new hires and forward movement for Workflowy!
    Welcome Lee!

    Looking forward to improvements to an amazing product that I use every single day to keep my scattered brain on track and away from overloaded overwhelm.

    A reminder/request from this user though: As you add and improve, PLEASE work very hard to keep the simplicity, flexibility and stability that make Workflowy so powerful. All the best to the growing Workflowy team. 🙂

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