New Guides & Templates section to get more out of Workflowy


October 27, 2022

Hey there Workflowy folks, we recently added a new section to the website that features guides and templates. This section is meant to provide users of all skill levels with guidance on how to get the most out of Workflowy and also discover new and useful things they can do with their favorite infinitely nesting bullet based app.

What type of content will I find?

At the time of writing, the guides & templates section contains 3 main areas. ‘Teamwork‘, ‘Systems‘, and ‘Templates‘. Below are descriptions of each section and a recommended guide or template to check out.

Teamwork – is a collection of guides around effective ways to collaborate inside Workflowy.

If you’re just getting started collaborating with other folks inside Workflowy, we recommend you check out our first guide in the series that explains the basics of setting up a collaborative space. By taking the time to lay the groundwork for effective collaboration, you set yourself up for success – instead of trying to figure everything out on the fly and likely frustrating everyone.

Systems – offer templates and instructions for implementing common productivity and organization systems.

Whether you’re a productivity veteran or are just beginning to look for a system to organize your life, our guide to using GTD in Workflowy is a great way to get started. Also, if you know someone that has tried to do GTD in the past but found it too complex, this guide might just change their mind.

Templates – provide a starting point to help you quickly achieve a specific task.

Meetings are a key part of basically every organization. They serve many purposes and when done correctly can be a real engine of productivity. The rise of remote work and collaboration have only meant that more decisions and day-to-day operations are being done in these meetings. That’s why having a good structure to handle all these meetings is so important, and that’s why we recommend you check out this meeting template submitted by an esteemed member of our community.

Can I request a guide or template?

Over time we’ll be adding more guides and templates to cover as many common topics and use-cases as we can. However, we’re aware that folks use Workflowy for an incredibly wide range of things – so we’ve added a simple way for you to let us know what you’re interested in.

At the bottom of the guides & templates page you’ll find a link to the form where you can request a specific guide or template.

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of the new section and what topics you hope to see next. 📣

And there you have it, see you in the next update! 🇺🇦

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Nomad Skateboarding
1 year ago

Thank you 🙂 Long time user, first time caller. I’m endeavoring to support you more both financially and with public praise going forward. Keep up the great work!

1 year ago

Hi workflowy team, thanks a lot !
However I have an very annoying issue when I tried to access the template Time bloking (e.g) : when I clik on the “View template” button, page is loading indefinitely.
Any explanation ?
Thanks a lot for any help/explanation.

Flavio Suárez
Flavio Suárez
1 year ago

Great work!! Thank you!!

Carlos Rebolledo Aguirre
Carlos Rebolledo Aguirre
1 year ago

EXCELENTE !!!!! Decir más es innecesario.

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