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March 28, 2018

We have revamped our support site to be more useful and allow people to report bugs, request features, ask questions, and share best practices. You can vote for the things you feel are most useful and we will be commenting officially and trying to interact as much as possible

This page integrates with your WorkFlowy login so you don’t need to sign up for a new service.

You can still always email us at if you need urgent support but for non-urgent issues we encourage you to ask questions to the community or make your feature requests on this page.

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4 months ago

SEP 15 2021 My Workflowy is unavailable! “502 Bad Gateway” and “nginx” What up?


[…] 1. New WorkFlowy Community Site – Workflowy […]

Mary Kay
Mary Kay
6 months ago

How do I print a lengthy document on Workflowy? I can only get one section at a time to print. Is there a way to print the whole document without going from section to section?

Jaroslav Skuhrovec
Jaroslav Skuhrovec
3 years ago

I have the same problem 🙁

José Galhoz
José Galhoz
3 years ago


I tried to report another issue… it says WF will send me a e-mail to verify my address…I’ve already tried twice… it never showed up… So I can’t report the problem, neither I can work properly with WF…
When I tried to type with an apple external keyboard in my iPad the note closes and the cursor jumps to 2 lines below…
I took the keyboard off, typed in the screen keyboard and everything was fine…!
Really, this upgrade only has caused me problems…I try as most as I can to use the computer or the android tablet…but my main mobile devices are iPads….
I’ve been a pro subscriber since I started using WF which was the BEST of BEST… now it has been some sort of nightmare…

3 years ago

Cool! Is there a link to the support community from within the workflowy app? That would be great 🙂

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