October bug fixing update


November 8, 2022

Hey there folks, this week we wanted to share some of the latest bugs we’ve fixed during October. We’re not just busy adding new features, we’re also hard at work making sure things run smoothly.

Half the bugs in this latest batch are Mac and iOS related πŸŽπŸ›. Additionally, several of the issues the team fixed revolved around tags and how inputs were negatively affected.

What bugs were fixed?

πŸŽπŸ› Completing in iOS using the checkmark icon in the keyboard toolbar freezes accounts

  • A particularly annoying bug that resulted in the iOS app freezing when completing items using the checkmark icon in the keyboard toolbar.

πŸŽπŸ› Users can’t place the cursor at the end of a bullet if there is a tag on iOS

  • This bug made it impossible to place the cursor after ‘#‘ or ‘@‘ tags and write new text.

πŸŽπŸ› User can’t select the #copy tag at the end of a duplicated item on iOS

  • Related to the previous bug, in this case, it was impossible to select text after the ‘#‘ or ‘@‘ tags.

πŸŽπŸ› Cmd-Arrow doesn’t go to the end of the line on items containing ‘#’ or ‘@’ tags

  • Users were unable to keyboard shortcut to the end of the line due to the ‘#’ tag.

πŸŽπŸ› Chinese IME is conflicting with backlink search

  • There was a clash between Chinese IME and the backlink search where the backlink search menu would override the IME input and not allow the user to choose between candidate phrases.

πŸ› No mirrors are shown during a search if the first mirror has an ancestor that is completed

  • A pesky bug that would break the mirror functionality during the search when the ‘original’ mirror had a completed ancestor.

πŸ› Tags at the beginning of a bullet are debilitating keyboard shortcuts

  • This bug caused the cursor to get stuck at the beginning of a bullet if there was also a tag there.

πŸ› The keyboard shortcuts panel hides file download buttons

  • It was possible for the keyboard shortcut panel to hide a file download button if the user was in full-width mode. Now the download button is much closer to the actual item.

πŸ› Space between the breadcrumbs and the page text has increased

  • Tidying up some spacing issues between the header and the main page container.

πŸ› Multi-select is unreliable on Boards

  • Improved the reliability of selecting multiple items in boards

And there you have it, see you in the next update! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

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Lee Busch
Lee Busch
10 months ago

Commenting because of a bug! I can’t log in to Support. It takes me to beta.workflowy.com, and the submit button doesn’t function there.

Trevor Jordan
10 months ago

That bug where I couldn’t put the cursor at the end of a bullet if there is a tag on iOS was really bugging me! I thought it was something I was doing wrong, so that bug fix is doubly welcome!

Carlos Rebolledo Aguirre
Carlos Rebolledo Aguirre
10 months ago

Good Job

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