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November 2, 2022

Hey there Workflowy folks, today we’re releasing a highly requested feature that makes it easier than ever to perform common actions without taking your hands off the keyboard. Slash command is finally here for everyone🎉 !

What is the slash command?

The slash command lets you access lots of useful functions without having to remember keyboard shortcuts or use the mouse. You simply hit the ‘/’ key to bring up a menu of useful commands and away you go. If you’ve ever used something similar in another app like a programming environment, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the benefits.

For the longest time the only way to perform certain actions was take your hand off the keyboard, grab your mouse and click on the bullet menu for that item. Now, you can simply activate the slash command menu, pick your command and perform it. That means less time messing around with the menus and potentially getting distracted, you simply tell Workflowy what to do and it’s done.

How do I use it

To use it, you first move your cursor to the line where you’ll perform the command. Then simply type ‘/’ and you’ll see the command menu. Then start typing the name of the command or use the arrow keys and the [Enter] key to perform the action.

Move your cursor to the item you want to perform an action on.
Type ‘/’ to bring up the slash command menu then use the arrow keys to select a command.
You can also start typing the name of a command to filter the menu.
Then hit the [Enter] key to perform the command.

What commands can I perform?

The following commands are available in Workflowy, with more available in Labs.

Type – Change an item’s type

  • Board
  • Bullets

Actions – Perform an action

  • Upload file
  • Complete
  • Add note
  • Duplicate
  • Share
  • Mirror
  • Copy internal link
  • Delete

So there you have it, the slash command gives you even more speed when it comes to getting your ideas and information into Workflowy. As we add more features, they’ll also find their way onto the command menu, so be on the lookout for that.

Sound off in the comments section what you think about our latest release and what commands you’d like us to add to the slash menu next!

Until the next update,

– The Workflowy team 🇺🇦

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David Goggin
David Goggin
19 days ago

Love the slash menu!

Please add ability to “View Mirrors” to the slash menu (for mirrored nodes). The current method to view mirrors requires using the mouse and multiple clicks. The slash menu would be an easier way to view these..

Many thanks for all the improvements being implemented in Workflowy! Love the progress!

Will Dollis
Will Dollis
22 days ago

Outstanding. Works as expected!

24 days ago

The slash command works very well—so nice for not taking hands off the keyboard.

Do you plan to add the color selector to the slash command menu, or some other way to select a color using the keyboard?

Carlos Rebolledo Aguirre
Carlos Rebolledo Aguirre
24 days ago

Genial tener una nueva opción que, como de costumbre, es simple y potente.

Gracias chicos por vuestro trabajo

24 days ago

This is fantastic. I sure would love a quick way to detach mirrors and view their original. Having those actions in this slash menu would be awesome!

24 days ago

It seems you need to enter a space before typing the “/” to get the menu to appear. A slash at the very end of a bullet just enters “/” … which is okay, as I was going to ask how to enter just a “/”. Thanks.

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