The Genius “Forever Calendar” Template – Never Manually Create Calendar Lists in WorkFlowy Again. Ever.


Maybe you’ve never warmed to the idea of having a calendar of chronological dates in WorkFlowy because you’re put off by the idea of manually setting it up – One. List. At. A. Time. I used to have my own way of automating it all… but still, I wanted it to be simpler.

A WorkFlowy hero reached out to me by email a couple of months ago with a template of all the possible date/day combinations that exist from now until kingdom come. It’s actually a much smaller template than you’re thinking right now. A huge shout-out to Christiano Lima Santos from Brazil for sharing this genius solution. I’m kicking myself for not having thought of this. Continue reading “The Genius “Forever Calendar” Template – Never Manually Create Calendar Lists in WorkFlowy Again. Ever.”

Create WorkFlowy Reminders in iOS 9 at the Speed of Talk


There are many hacks built around WorkFlowy’s unique list URL’s – and the inspiration for today’s post, once again, is “The lowly URL as the irreducible atom of work management”. To quote “Rawybtz” from a previous interview:

The URL is the simplest way for different apps/services to connect… WorkFlowy excels at this. Every time you create a bullet, a permanent URL is created that doesn’t change even if you edit it, tag it, or drag it. Not all apps get this.

For those iPhone and iPad users who’ve upgraded to iOS 9, you can now tell Siri in WorkFlowy Safari to remind you of a particular URL. Rawbytz runs us through how WorkFlowy fits into this with a 3-point explanation on his blog. It’s a 1-minute read.

So once you’ve created an iOS Reminder in WorkFlowy by zooming into any list in Safari and telling Siri to remind you about it further down the road, you now have iOS Reminders that link to those WorkFlowy lists. When you are alerted, you can pay your list a visit by tapping on the Safari icon… or you can simply rejoice that you were reminded about any bullet item.

Now there are a couple of additional things we can do to take this already fantastic iOS/ WorkFlowy hack to the next level…

View your WorkFlowy (iOS) Reminders on Sunrise Calendar

Amazingly, one cannot integrate your iOS Reminders with your iOS Calendar app. So how does one go about getting your iOS (WorkFlowy) Reminders to show up on a calendar?

Sunrise Calendar, available on iOS, Android and desktop allows one to pull in events and reminders from just about anywhere and see them on one interface. You can connect iCal, Google Calendar, Trello, Evernote Reminders (among loads of other possibilities) and… drumroll… iOS Reminders. This means you can see any iOS/ WorkFlowy Reminders you’ve set up directly in a calendar. You may even switch your calendar app of preference to Sunrise, as many have.

So just to be clear here: You can tell Siri to remind you about a WorkFlowy list you’ve zoomed into (in Safari) – and seconds later, it will appear in Sunrise Calendar at the time and date you’ve specified…

(1) Zoom into your WorkFlowy list:

(2)  Tell Siri, “Remind me about this…” and give a time and date:

(3) View your iOS Reminders in Sunrise Calendar:

(4) Tap on your Reminder for expanded details:

Setting it all up

It’s a piece of cake:

  1. Make sure your iOS devices are connected to iCloud
  2. Under Sunrise Calendar’s “Options” menu, connect to iCloud (Add Account)
  3. Under “Visible Calendars” make sure your default iOS Reminder “Inbox”/ “Reminders” lists are checked.

Recurring/ Repeat reminders

Once zoomed into a WorkFlowy list, you could tell Siri, “Remind me about this every day at 2:00 PM”/ “… every Tuesday at 9:00 PM”, etc.

Your iOS/ WorkFlowy repeat reminders will show up in your Reminders app… and on Sunrise Calendar, at the intervals specified, if you’re connected.

How about on the home front?

What to do with your items in your WorkFlowy lists that you’ve created iOS reminders for?

  • You could tag them with a “#rem” (reminder) or “#rec” (recurring) tag so that you know reminders have already been assigned – which can be done at the time of creating a reminder.
  • You could nest the reminder date and time in a child list for reference.
  • You could rearrange/ move your WorkFlowy lists which you’ve created reminders for wherever you please. You can outline to your heart’s content… and the URL’s connected to your reminders will remain the same.
  • If you have any “Don’t Break The Chain!” routines going that you’d like recurring reminders for, you could keep those in one WorkFlowy list.

IFTTT recipes

Once you have iOS Reminder incarnations of your WorkFlowy lists, you can then go ahead and do a bunch of things with other apps through IFTTT recipes.

Language tip

Since you don’t have to speak out the actual content of your WorkFlowy list (just the reminder date), this solves a particular challenge for me: Many of my to-do items are a mix of languages. Siri, of course, cannot be expected to understand 2 or more language combinations. Whereas before I would have to enter certain reminders manually, now I have an elegant solution.

One Caveat

Although the “Remind me about this…” feature has been disabled for iPhone 4S and older, this totally works when you manually hit your share icon in Safari, select the Reminders app and enter your reminder time and date.

It’s time to set up some reminders!

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