WorkFlowy Tag Indexes and The #Super | #cali | #fragi | #listic | #expi | #ali | #docious “TagIndex” Bookmarklet


I’ve long since had a love affair with tags and tag indexes. Today I’d like to narrow things down and talk about using tag indexes to easily access “contexts within contexts”and announce that fate and fortune have favored all of WorkFlowydom – by giving us a way to automate the creation of these tag indexes: rawbytz has just come out – deus ex machina – with his TagIndex bookmarklet. I suggested the name IndexFlowy… but hey, it’s not my brainchild. Continue reading “WorkFlowy Tag Indexes and The #Super | #cali | #fragi | #listic | #expi | #ali | #docious “TagIndex” Bookmarklet”

Gathering Text from the WWW – Making it Short and Sweet


Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could highlight just the snippets of an article we wanted and then harvest them all in one go, ready to slot into a WorkFlowy outline? Less work.  Less fuss.

I think WorkFlowy is more about doing and less about hoarding. So we’re going to look at how the brilliant Highly Highlighter platform hits that sweet spot – helping to curate incoming text and keeping clutter to a minimum.
Continue reading “Gathering Text from the WWW – Making it Short and Sweet”

Any Background Color You Want for Individual WorkFlowy Lists: Tweaking “Painter For WorkFlowy” Chrome Extension


This is for those among us who squeeze a lot out of WorkFlowy in the Chrome browser. This is also for those who like a tad bit of (the “right”) color in their outlines… Continue reading “Any Background Color You Want for Individual WorkFlowy Lists: Tweaking “Painter For WorkFlowy” Chrome Extension”

Preview Images in WorkFlowy with Imagus


Now here’s a no-fuss extension which shows images when hovering over image links in WorkFlowy (and the whole of the www, really). The best part about it?… No Markdown formatting is required for links, it works in all major browsers… and it doesn’t break your WorkFlowy flow. Continue reading “Preview Images in WorkFlowy with Imagus”

The “Clip to WorkFlowy” Extension and “The Lowly URL as The Irreducible Atom of Work Management”


I recently touched base with “rawbytz” a programmer and prolific WorkFlowy hacker – who pointed out that top of his wishlist, he wanted a slackline for Christmas. I had previously installed his “Clip to WorkFlowy” Chrome extension and all 3 of his amazing WorkFlowy Stylish styles. I have since gotten the scoop from rawbytz on half a dozen WorkFlowy hacks that he has either completed or are in the pipeline. He will be sharing all of those in good time here on the WorkFlowy blog. Today we’ll be taking a look at his Clip to WorkFlowy extension – but first, a wee bit of background, cobbled together from a couple of our conversations:

FRANK: Could you tell me a little about how you got into creating your own hacks for WorkFlowy? What sort of tech skills does one need to put something like that together?

RAWBYTZ: I’m an engineer – spent a good part of my career in technical sales. I’d find myself in a hotel room, with crappy internet speeds and the need to upload/download data with big, ugly corporate databases. I taught myself AutoHotKey, a scripting language for Windows. I’d fire up my laptop and launch a script. Then I’d take off and enjoy a nice dinner, leaving the script to curse at the crappy speeds and ugly databases. Later on when I started tweaking bookmarklets, I realized many concepts I learned in AHK applied to JavaScript… I just needed to learn some new words and syntax. It’s an ongoing process.

FRANK: How did your WorkFlowy journey kick off? Did you get what you could really do in WorkFlowy right off the bat? Continue reading “The “Clip to WorkFlowy” Extension and “The Lowly URL as The Irreducible Atom of Work Management””