5 WorkFlowy Setups for Creators

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd8aRoTULoU Jeff Eisley, has put together a fantastic WorkFlowy show-and-tell for creators – from writers to cinematographers and everyone in between.  Here's a breakdown of the video: [0:20 – 1:42] "Infinite Zoom" – Character development in screenplays and book writing. [1:42 – 4:08] "Messy Room, Messy Tags" – Inputting technical data for filming ideas on the fly … Continue reading 5 WorkFlowy Setups for Creators

A Community Index of WorkFlowy Templates

Richard Bird and Derrick Laird have just set up a brand spanking new WorkFlowy templates site.  You get to both search through a growing index of templates... and submit your template links for other WorkFlowyans to peruse and add to their accounts. If you've got any templates that might come in handy to others, pay … Continue reading A Community Index of WorkFlowy Templates