We Love You Too, Sami


March 2, 2016

We received this email from a WorkFlowy user named Sami. I thought it was funny and charming, so I’m posting it here for all to enjoy.


I know this might sound a little weird since we just met, but the truth is that I have been looking for you my entire life. It’s like you’re a piece of a puzzle that I have always yearned to discover, but could never find.

When I first saw you, I immediately fell in love. Unlike others like you, you didn’t feel the need to force a specific idea or context to the way you are. You didn’t feel the need to tell me what to do with you, like so many of those insecure versions of you. From looking at you, I can see something that I see very rarely these days: trust. Some people might consider your blank expression as a negative, but I see you for who you are, WorkFlowy. I see behind that whitespace to the message it carries: “Please do with me as you please!”

You are special, WorkFlowy. You are free. You are beautiful.

Will you marry me?

PS. In all seriousness, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This app is pure genius and I am so glad to have stumbled upon it! I am definitely a subscriber for life and will recommend this to everyone.

PPS. Sorry for abusing your support channel, but when I discover things that have the potential to make a real difference in my everyday, I can’t help but to express my gratitude.


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7 years ago

I feel exactly the same way! There’s absolutely no other piece of software or digital tool that I love as much; and I recommend it to pretty much everyone!

7 years ago

Love workflowy, using it everyday, for about half year.

Drunken Beard
Drunken Beard
7 years ago

I agree. Feel the same about WorkFlowy.

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