Webinar: A Chat with Jesse Patel and Jacob Green about what’s in the Pipeline for WorkFlowy


October 18, 2017


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Next Thursday, October 26th at 11AM PDT (Pacific Time/ GMT-7/ UTC-7) we’ll be hearing from WorkFlowy co-founder, Jesse Patel, and full-stack developer, Jacob Green, about what’s happening right now behind the scenes at WorkFlowy.

Go ahead and register for the webinar by clicking on the link below. Even if you cannot make it to the live event, I’ll email you with a replay link :-).

Click here to register!

Hang out with the WorkFlowy community

Hear from and chat with other WorkFlowy users. Both in the chat panel and via live video chat.

Bring your questions!

Ask Jacob and Jesse about changes currently underway as well as future rollouts and where WorkFlowy is heading.

Make a live appearance

You can also video chat with us if you install the Chrome or Firefox extension beforehand. Further details during the webinar.

See you then!

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Adam Pearson
Adam Pearson
5 years ago

Is there a summary of what’s in the pipeline? Not that I’m going to stop using WorkFlowy either way ; )

Carlos Sicilia (#1 Workflowy' s fan in Venezuela)

Just great news! God willling, this will be the third Frank’s Workflowy related webinar I will be watching and I really reccomend him in these communicative duties. And happy to welcome Jacob, too.

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