WorkFlowy Webinar: Get Things Done at the Speed of Thought with Keyboard Shortcuts.


May 18, 2017


In the upcoming webinar on Thursday, May 25th @ 11AM PST, I’ll be giving some hands-on coaching to bring you up to speed with the full scope of WorkFlowy keyboard shortcuts. There’s no two ways about it: the more dexterous you are with keyboard shortcuts, the more your workflow flows. Significantly more.


Up for grabs

  • Get real comfy in WorkFlowy by learning the spread of your keyboard shortcuts
  • Learn how to navigate your history back and forth in a snap with a teeny trick
  • Gosh-darn fun, hand’s-on shared templates to practice with… live
  • Navigate around, move, delete and explode things with the utmost of ease
  • Learn some hidden keyboard shortcut(s) and tricks not on your help menu
  • Troubleshoot with the WorkFlowy community live if you can’t get things to work

Mac & Windows

Martine Ellis will be joining us as a co-presenter on her Mac (with myself on a Windows), so we’ll get to the bottom of shortcut keys for both systems.

Register here!

Miss the last webinar?

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George Reschke
George Reschke
6 years ago

Am I losing my mind or did the keyboard shortcut for moving change and not allow you to move in / out anymore? Now you have to use tab.

I ask here because even though a paid user no one ever responds to my help requests.

6 years ago
Reply to  George Reschke

Hi George,

I’m on Windows and so Alt+Shift+Up/ Down/ Left/ Right should move your lists up, down, outdent and indent, respectively 🙂

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