WEBINAR: Automate WorkFlowy Like Never Before With PhraseExpress


July 14, 2017


UPDATE: The webinar replay can be seen here: PhraseExpress Webinar… or on YouTube:

I’ve written and blogged about how to augment WorkFlowy with a free text expansion app called PhraseExpress (Mac and Windows) for quite some time now. Some of the more significant use cases I’ll be presenting in the upcoming WorkFlowy webinar next Thursday, July 20th.

The gist of it: making it that much more of a pleasure to sit in front of a computer screen. It’s all about streamlining and speeding up time-consuming and tedious actions and workflows. Phrase Express makes it as easy as 1,2,3… A,B,C,… Do, Re, Mi.

What’s in this webinar?

  • Learn how to condense several WorkFlowy actions and keystrokes into one easy shortcut
  • Automate repetitive words, phrases and even whole outlines with your own tailor-made keywords
  • See how to use PhraseExpress for automated Markdown formatting
  • Create “new WorkFlowy features” that enable you to get around and get things done quicker
  • Leverage PhraseExpress to help browser extensions work seamlessly with WorkFlowy
  • Set up easy-to-remember keyword shortcuts for WorkFlowy’s hard-to-remember and tedious-to-type “hidden search operators”
  • Substitute WorkFlowy keyboard shortcut combinations you don’t fancy for your own tailor-made ones
  • Get access to ready-made PhraseExpress files of everything demonstrated for both Windows and Mac
  • … And more!

When is the webinar?

Thursday, July 20th @ 11AM PST

Even if you cannot attend live, go ahead and register. I’ll mail you with a replay link a couple of hours after the webinar.



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michael ruderman
michael ruderman
1 year ago

Anyone know if Mac OS files work under linux?

5 years ago

Hi Frank,
Thanks for the nice examples of using PhrasEexpress. Inspired me a lot.
I am trying to set workflowy as my markdown working space.
Almost there. Just one tiny thing I can not figure out how to.

You showed in the webinar adding “a. b. c. …” in the front of each line.

Now I use the following code:
{#loop 1. {#DOWN} -count {#gettemp i}}

while define i a temp variable:
{#settemp -name i -content {#input -head line number -def 3 -single -required numbers}}

So every time I count how many lines are there, and input this number when the macro is triggered.
PhraseExoress only inserts ‘1.’ in the front of each line. Since Markdown dosen’t care about numbering, it is fine.

But if I could do it without counting and get true numbers inputted, it would be great.
Could you share me your macro?
Thank you very much.

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