First WorkFlowy Academy Webinar – Replay


January 13, 2017


The first WorkFlowy webinar just came and went… but you can follow the link below to watch the replay! I talked about structuring your WorkFlowy account… and navigating to your lists really quickly.

Almost 300 WorkFlowy users from scores of different countries showed up and posed an eclectic mix of questions in the Q&A in the latter part of the webinar.

If you watch the replay past the 35-minute mark, I’ll include you in an additional giveaway of 4 of my WorkFlowy books… and a WorkFlowy Academy 36+ screencast package.

Here’s your link! 

(The replay is expiring soon)

  • 00:00 – 00:02      |    Me wiping my mouth on my sleeve
  • 00:02 – 35:00       |    A WorkFlowy show and tell
  • 35:00 – 01:55:00  |    Q&A

2 quick polls

Here are the results of 2 quick polls I did during the webinar:


As we can see…

  • Half of the people who voted in the 1st poll have set up their WorkFlowy lists “totally organically”. Only 8% “don’t have enough lists yet to warrant organization.”
  • Just over half of the voters in the 2nd poll see “Putting (their) lists in the right place” as a bigger challenge than “Finding/ navigating to (their) lists easily”.

Here’s the link!

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