Welcome Jacob Green to the WorkFlowy Team!


September 27, 2017


About a year and a half ago I was talking to my friend Dan about collaboration, and I asked him to describe the best collaborative experience he ever had. He thought for a while and then started talking about what a joy it was working with some guy named Jacob. He described them working closely together, pair programming all day. They had a free flow of ideas, could be totally honest with one another, say anything, critique anything, and all was good. It sounded like a glorious mind-meld.

This spring when I started thinking about growing the WorkFlowy team, that conversation came to mind, and I got in touch with Jacob through Dan. It turned out Jacob was ready for a change in his career, and somehow I convinced him that joining me as employee #1 at WorkFlowy would be a fun and exciting thing to do.

He has been working with me since the beginning of July, and I can safely say he is as wonderful as advertised, and that the WorkFlowy community is lucky to have him. He will make great contributions to the product and the company. He has already helped me complete several complicated tasks, including sharding our database and migrating to a new infrastructure platform. Now, with that stuff out of the way, we’re shifting our attention to improving the product.

With Jacob’s help, we’re going to start improving WorkFlowy at a profoundly more rapid pace than you’ve seen in the last few years (which might generously be described as glacial). We will also most likely continue to grow the WorkFlowy team, and build it into what might be considered a fast moving little company.

For now, though, we are just focused on improving the product, getting momentum and enjoying ourselves.

Welcome to WorkFlowy Jacob!

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4 years ago

Welcome, Jacob! Thanks for all the great work already!

Simon Joliveau
Simon Joliveau
4 years ago

You might already know about this, but ScribblePost (https://www.scribblepost.com/) has some interesting implementation on content-based workflow : same ability to tag any bullet point as in workflowy, but a few pre-defined or even dynamic tags such as #today or #todo / #doing / #done that help visualize the data not in bulletpoints but in kanban or calendar forms.

Not quite as elegant as Workflowy, but some neat ideas nonetheless.

4 years ago

Welcome, Jacob !
Also, glad to hear that you plan to accelerate somewhat the development cycle ; Workflowy has always been a great tool, but I can see a few features that would make it even more useful, while hopefully keeping it lean and simple : simple date management – with the ability to assign a date to some bullets and create some “today”, “this week” views or search operators ; sorting options, …
The “starred page” UX could be improved too ; actually your competitor dynalist has implemented a nice, keyboard-driven approach lifted from SublimeText that allows to jump to any starred page quickly using a shortcut key and typing a few letters from its name).

How about a public roadmap of what is coming up in the future ?

Best of luck to the team !

4 years ago


4 years ago

Look forward to seeing the growth. WF organizes the brain of our small NPO, and my INTJ brain. Hoping to see a text editor, timed alert tags, popup notes, and other user enhancements. How about a crowdsourced WF template library? Flow on!

Wasim Malik
4 years ago

Jesse, We need workflow labs like google labs where anyone can develop for work flowy and if you like some features you can add it to the product. There are some extensions even I developed one as well but they are limited in scope.

Rohan Jayasekera
4 years ago

Welcome, Jacob! We’ve been awaiting you 🙂

4 years ago

It’s been awesome to see Jacob’s footprints in the mix already 🙂

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