WorkFlowy for Wedding Planning


July 29, 2013

We made a video and page showing how to use WorkFlowy for wedding planning. It’s based on a real wedding planned with WorkFlowy, and shows how our simple features fit together to help you plan a big event like a wedding.

We’re thinking of creating more use case pages like this, so please let us know if you like it (and what other use cases you’d like to see) by emailing

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[…] the outline for this blog post, I’ve seen others use the app for recruiting and even wedding plan. I find that Workflowy’s inherent simplicity permits use by even the most […]


[…] once too! Oh and hey those of you going through the asinine process of planning a wedding like me? Here’s a post on using Workflowy for that! (It also actually just goes through the basics of how to use it there really quickly, […]

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