WorkFlowy is Hiring: Senior Full Stack Software Engineer


May 9, 2017

Update: This job has been filled.

What is WorkFlowy?

WorkFlowy is a tool people use to manage all the information in their lives. It helps them stay sane in the crazy modern work environment, and focus on one thing at a time. Our users have it open for an average of 10 hours a day, and it becomes a central hub for their work and lives.

We’ve been a tiny team for a long time, but we’re growing now because our success warrants it. We’re building a small, productive product team to help take the product to the next level. One of the most important new hires will be a highly skilled full stack developer. If you love WorkFlowy and you know how to write great software for the front-end and backend, we’d love to talk to you.

If you’re a match for the following description, send a note about yourself to:

What You’ll Work On

You will do everything from helping build new client-side features, to helping us shard and scale the database, to debugging AWS and other infrastructure issues. You’ll be the guardian of the whole system, understanding how it all fits together and architecting it as evolves.

You will work closely with me and a small team to build the future of WorkFlowy, both in terms of dramatically increasing the pace at which we improve the product and in growing the team. You will be critical to helping define the culture of the organization.

Your Non-Technical Traits

  • You should care about the details of the user experience, and enjoy thinking through the minute details of the way people interact with software
  • You should enjoy getting feedback. All user facing features you work on will be subject to lots of user tests and feedback. You should be the type of person who loves seeing people user your software, even when they struggle, because that’s what gives you the information needed to make it better. If you don’t want to show people what you’re working on until it is perfect and done, this is not the job for you.
  • You should be an openminded and kind person 🙂

Your Technical Skills

  • Comfortable in JavaScript and Python
  • 4+ years of experience with web back-end systems in a scalable production environment. You should be skilled at building server-side MVC applications (should know at least one framework like Django, Rails, etc)
  • Experience sharding, migrating and scaling a production database system
  • 2+ years of experience with front-end systems in a production environment. You’ll use both traditional technologies like HTML5, jQuery, CSS3 and more modern technologies like React, browserify, etc..
  • Strong software engineering fundamentals, allowing you to write clean, maintainable, testable code.
  • Ability and willingness to participate in both sides of code reviews

Our Frontend Stack

  • Javascript + jQuery for much of the older codebase
  • React + babel + browserify for new features
  • Webviews for mobile apps, will incrementally transition to React Native
  • Electron for desktop app

Our Backend Stack

  • Python
  • Django
  • Postgres
  • Docker
  • AWS


WorkFlowy is based in San Francisco. I’m open to both local and remote candidates.

About WorkFlowy

WorkFlowy helps people think clearly and manage all the information in their lives. We have a passionate user base that includes some of the most intelligent and creative people on the planet. Our product has the potential to become a ubiquitous tool that everyone everywhere uses to get their work done and keep their lives together.

How To Apply

Send a note about yourself to:

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6 years ago

Awesome tool, please stay available, all the best from the other side of the Great Wall.

Martin Freeman
6 years ago

Sounds nice…..but!
I have bad experience with simple and elegant products like WorkFlowy being screwed up by feature-updates.
Best example is Paper for iPad – which I used for live- teaching and now I cant use it anymore. I payed for one product and they made it unusable.
…………..A’m afraid!
Maybe the problem is, that the users who just use and like the program don’t ask for new features, and the users that don’t like the software/service asks for new special features for niche uses. Be aware!
On the other hand, there is Sketchup, which hold on to the original idea of been simple, yet complex.
So, as long as I cant feel the new niche-features at all, I can accept it. But when I sell the Idea “WorkFlowy” to friends and colleagues, my punchline is “see, it can’t do anything but this – its fantastic!”
…………..A’m full of hope!
Regards Martin Freeman, Denmark

Jesse Patel
Jesse Patel
6 years ago
Reply to  Martin Freeman

Hahaha. Yeah, I will try really hard not to ruin what we’ve got 🙂

Ilan Salomon
Ilan Salomon
6 years ago

Nice, keep up the good work, thanks!!!

Lenny Kim
Lenny Kim
6 years ago

I really love Workflowy. Hope this goes really well.

Joe M.
6 years ago

Glad to hear your adding capacity to update the product. Make it rain!

Alexis Gerome
6 years ago

Shared with my network of worldwide devs 😉 Just because I love workflowy so much and I like what you are doing guys!

Jesse Patel
Jesse Patel
6 years ago
Reply to  Alexis Gerome


6 years ago

Cant wait, for any new feature in future release. Love Workflowy so much~!

6 years ago

Great news! Looking forward to the new feature the team will bring to life! 🙂

6 years ago

Sent in a note, as I’m very interested in this.

6 years ago

Lovely Workflowy Go~~~

6 years ago

Most excellent and exciting news! I am sure there are loads of more than qualified WorkFlowy users who fit the bill 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  frank.dg

Hi Jesse Wasim here,
Please have a look at my email i have sent to you.

Jesse Patel
Jesse Patel
6 years ago
Reply to  raincup

Thanks Wasim! Will respond via email.

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