You Can Now DIY Restore From a Dropbox Backup


September 27, 2017


Warning: There are a bunch of downsides to restoring from backup if you have a large account. The main one being that it will slow down the application (especially loading) by essentially doubling how much information you have in it. So I suggest you don’t try this feature just for kicks.

WorkFlowy Pro users have long been able to backup their whole account to Dropbox every day, automatically. Until, now, though, they’ve had to email us their backup files for restore. No longer, because we built a handy little utility that lets people restore from their own backups. It will put all the content from your backup inside a bullet called, “Restored from backup”.

Here’s the restore from backup page

We wanted to build this because we felt the Dropbox backup feature wasn’t complete without it, and it is sometimes genuinely needed. However, we don’t think this is the right solution for the most common use case where people think of using their Dropbox backups, ie: when they have accidentally deleted something and need it back.

The situation where someone needs something they deleted would be handled much better by a kind of “Trash” feature, where you can see things you have deleted recently and restore them individually. We are going to build this feature very soon, so hopefully the restore from backup will only be needed in rare situations.

Regardless, we thought we should build this and it will certainly be helpful in certain situations. Now that’s a glowing feature release announcement, eh?

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6 years ago

This sure is one of those things that sets your mind at ease… however, I am not itching to try it 🙂

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