WorkFlowy for Android


WorkFlowy’s new Android app has offline support for Android and a snappy new logo. Get it on the Google Play Store

The app uses our mobile web interface, but we’ve done a lot to make that smoother in preparation for this release. We’re hoping eventually to support all Android devices, and are sad that KitKat isn’t supported on more. For this we are saddened and sorry :/ But we’re happy to have something out there.

And you’ll be happy to know that this was the most requested feature in our recent poll of what our users wanted most. We started working on it the day after the poll, so thanks for the feedback.


Is This How Links Should Work?


A user wrote us suggesting that we need a better interface for linking to content within WorkFlowy. He also included the mockup above (click to see full resolution image), which I quite like, and fits well with how I’ve imagined this working.

What do you think? Is the approach in the mockup good for linking to content with WorkFlowy?

We get tons of feature suggestions, but we really love it when users send concrete mockups for interface problems we’re thinking about. If you do interface design, send us mockups of your ideas!

Why no blogging from WorkFlowy? Babies!

Photo Mar 14, 11 45 52 PM

Some people have been complaining in the comments that I haven’t been blogging. “How could you possibly be so busy as to not blog at all? Not even a word?” They ask.

As WorkFlowy’s resident blogger, I’ve been asking myself related questions. For example: “Who could go two months without trimming their beard? How long has it been since I showered? What day is it? Why am I hallucinating from sleep deprivation?”

Well, the answer to all these questions is the same: twins.

My wife and I had twins at the beginning of February. It’s a lot of work taking care of two babies who don’t want to sleep. Last night I went to bed at 5am. I’m struggling to get the few hours of work in per day that I’m able, and just haven’t had time to blog.

However, I do like blogging! Since starting it at the end of last year, after threatening to abandon it, I’ve enjoyed it, and realized that it is a nice way to connect with people who use WorkFlowy. So, now that we seem to be getting at least some sort of handle on parenting, I’m gonna try to start posting again.

Wish me luck!

Note for Concerned Readers: The blog had been getting a lot of spam comments, because I turned off comment moderation knowing I wouldn’t have time to moderate with the babies. I just turned moderation back on, and went through and removed all the spam. Now, you can comment freely after a first comment has been approved. Sadly, you’ll be getting fewer links to great real estate opportunities , but the comments will be more relevant to WorkFlowy.

What Missing Feature Do You Want Most In WorkFlowy?

Bold and Italic Have Arrived In WorkFlowy


Although we feel bad bankrupting all the people who bet all their savings that WorkFlowy would never get formatting (including my own dear mother (sorry Mom!)), simple formatting has arrived.

You can now use bold and italic in WorkFlowy. There are a few details I should mention: You can use the same shortcuts you normally use to start typing in bold and italic, namely, control/command+b and control/command+i. And you can highlight text and format it with those same shortcuts.

That is about it. We are hard at work trying to make WorkFlowy better for you, and we hope you enjoy bolding and italicizing your WorkFlowy documents.

Note for color lovers: We will probably let you choose colors for tags at some point, and maybe even let the tag affect formatting of the whole item. Not sure when it will happen, but we like the idea.

Re: Here’s how to become a WorkFlowy pirate ninja


We got the following email today, from Brian Crowe. It is in response to one of our email tips, entitled, “Here’s how to become a WorkFlowy pirate ninja”.

“A Workflowy pirate ninja”?

Are you ignorant of the Pirates vs Ninjas culture war that is so deep it has its own Wikipedia article?

My mind reels at very existence of such an unlikelihood, a child born of a pirate and a ninja, two sworn enemies.  Such a man (or woman) would be as peculiar as a cat-mouse or a cop-robber.

What an idea indeed!

Tip: Make the WorkFlowy Chrome App Feel Like a Normal App (Mac)

This WorkFlowy Tip comes from Shawn Bealey. If you have a tip you’d like to share, just email

How I use WorkFlowy

I loved WorkFlowy from the beginning. I have a lot of ideas in my head, and they distract me. So, what to do? Workflowy solved this problem. Open a browser window/tab, jot my idea thought down, get on with life. Ideas are take form with 0 % effort and in real time. I am surprised at how fast and effortless the ideas are to jot down, put in to order, re-order and share – even with non members. This is a real drop in replacement for a personal, or even corporate wiki.

My Problem

I want a desktop app.  I am not a chrome user, but there’s a Chrome App that’s kinda like a desktop app. I want to have the app, but not feel like I am working in chrome, or even have to start chrome to get to the app (saves clicks)

My Solution

1) Start Launch Pad
unnamed (2)

2) Filter for and Select WorkFlowy.
unnamed (3)

3) Right Click on the Dock to choose your poison:

unnamed (4)

For Extra Awesome, Open at Login 

You can start the app in a bunch of ways. Heavy Users should go ahead and choose to open at login. Moderate Users should keep this in their Dock at all times for quick access. Light users can start it from the browser app starter.

unnamed (5)

Expert users can start it using the finder quick find (CMD + Space; type: workflowy; select Applications: WorkFlowy or by second use Top Hit: WorkFlowy