A Useful Hack for Repeated Tasks in WorkFlowy

WorkFlowy user Gwynn was trying to add the following as a comment to the post about using tags for dates. She had trouble, so she emailed us. I thought it looked good, so I’m just adding a post :) Thanks Gwynn!!!

To simulate repeating tasks I add a tag to indicate when an item must be repeated (#weekly, #monthly, #annually). When I’ve finished a task I don’t use the Complete button but rather update the #d-yyyy-mm-dd tag to the next due date. Once my date tag is updated the task no longer shows up in my date searches and so it drops off my radar until next time.

e.g. 1

open pool #d-2015-05 #annually

When I’ve completed opening the pool I don’t mark the item as completed but instead update the date tag to #d-2016-05 because I’m using an #annually tag.

Since the tag is updated it will no longer show up in a #d-2015 search (nor a #d-2015-05 search).

e.g. 2

change furnace filter #d-2015-02-13 #monthly

If I’m on top of things and change the filter on the 13th I will update the date tag to #d-2015-03-13 since that’s a month away.

If I don’t get around to changing the filter until the 25th (instead of the 13th like originally planned) I will update the month portion *and* the day portion so that the next time I do a filter check is roughly a month later. So the date tag will become #d-2015-03-25.

You can do a #annual or #monthly search to see what tasks fall under those tags. Also, since you don’t ever actually Complete a task it doesn’t disappear so you can describe in detail what steps to follow without losing them when the task is complete. I find this very useful as I can create a bare bones entry that I can refine over time as I actually do the tasks.

I hope this is information is useful to you.



How to Use Text Replacement to Power Through Your Daily Rituals and Repetitive Projects

Joe Williams of Zen Optimise came up with this really cool way to work with repetitive content in WorkFlowy. It’s so slick, we’re probably going to build something like this into WorkFlowy. We asked him to write a guest blog post and make a demo video. 

Don’t pay attention to the annotations in the video above. Just watch what he’s typing, and notice how typing a few letters instantly creates a whole list.

Super Fast Templates

If you have tasks that you repeatedly do, over and over, you’ll probably be looking for ways to save time and energy. WorkFlowy is great for this out of the box as you can easily setup project templates that you can copy, paste and reuse.

But imagine if you could do all that without the need to find the project or copy and paste. Instead, you could simply define a short (and easy to remember) text snippet to pull in several repetitive tasks that make up a daily ritual, a repeatable project or anything else that you do over and over. This has the potential to save hours of time if you do a lot of process oriented work!

You can do this by combining WorkFlowy’s new import plain text feature and a text replacement software of choice.

Text Replacement Software

There are quite a few on the market but below are the ones I have either used (and liked) or heard good things about:

For Mac

For Windows

That’s it, a nifty way to boost your productivity for repetitive tasks by 100% or more! Please pop in a comment to let us know of other text replacement software you’ve found useful or another way to save time with repetitive tasks.

WorkFlowy Is For Thinking

Click video for full size

I just saw a blog post outlining why someone prefers WorkFlowy to other note taking and list making tools. It included the gif above. I liked the summary, because it emphasized something that’s hard to describe: that WorkFlowy excels at helping people think clearly, and link thoughts together. Have a read if you like, it’s called, “WorkFlowy to the Rescue

Better support for Swype and 3rd party keyboards on iOS 8

swype-logoIf you use Swype, you can now hit enter and it will create a new line, as expected. Enjoy Swyping!

Update: Unfortunately, we have had to disable this change. It created a serious bug in the normal iOS app, causing hitting delete with one character left in an item to also trigger a “return” event, and thereby wreaking all sorts of havok (you don’t expect hitting backspace to create a new item, right?). We’ve looked into a better way of doing the fix, and are hoping to implement it soon.

WorkFlowy Feature: Expand While in Search Mode

It used to be that in search mode, you only saw:

  1. Items matching your search,
  2. Their descendants
  3. Their ancestors.

This annoyed a lot of people, especially those who use tags heavily, because sometimes they needed to explore their WorkFlowy document while a filter was active. Now, you can do just that, you can expand any list while in search mode.

A fair number of people seem to have been really annoyed by this issue, so hopefully this saves you a few gray hairs!

Note: The root level of a zoom level currently doesn’t have the ability to expand in this way, so let us know if this gets in your way.

Using WorkFlowy as a Kanban Calendar

Productivity Mashup has invented something called Kanban Calendar, which is a mashup of several of their favorite productivity systems. They’ve applied the concept of Kanban Calendar to WorkFlowy, and you should check it out. The video above is one of a few from the article showcasing the system, so check out the article for the full treatment.