The Genius “Forever Calendar” Template – Never Manually Create Calendar Lists in WorkFlowy Again. Ever.


Maybe you’ve never warmed to the idea of having a calendar of chronological dates in WorkFlowy because you’re put off by the idea of manually setting it up – One. List. At. A. Time. I used to have my own way of automating it all… but still, I wanted it to be simpler.

A WorkFlowy hero reached out to me by email a couple of months ago with a template of all the possible date/day combinations that exist from now until kingdom come. It’s actually a much smaller template than you’re thinking right now. A huge shout-out to Christiano Lima Santos from Brazil for sharing this genius solution. I’m kicking myself for not having thought of this.

The “Forever Calendar” template

I’ve been sitting on this template for a couple of months already. Sorry for holding out on you! Here’s a demo of what I do whenever I want to include another month in my calendar outline:

  1. I hit a link tucked away at the end of my calendar,
  2. check the day that the new month I want to copy starts with and…
  3. copy the right list of dates into my calendar

The genius of the “Forever Calendar” is its set of 7 lists: Each month has to start with one of the 7 days of the week, right? I don’t know why… it just does. So you would just copy the list that starts the month with the day you’re looking for. Once you’ve pasted into your calendar, if your month doesn’t have 31 days, just delete the extra day.

Embedded lists

Did you know that there’s no limit to the size of shared lists you can add to (embed in) your WorkFlowy account if you’re a basic/ free user? It won’t count toward your monthly list limit… so go ahead and add the template to your account 🙂


  1. If you’re looking to set up a calendar in WorkFlowy, here’s a post I wrote a couple of years back on what I like to call the “Kanban Calendar”. It’s still as current as it ever was 🙂
  2. If you’d like to change up the “Forever Calendar” template quickly, say, change “Mon, Tue, Wed” to “MON, TUE, WED” or “Thu” to “Thursday” or even change up the language – you needn’t do it manually. Follow the advice in this post about [Automated] Searching and Replacing in WorkFlowy. You’ll get it done in a snap.


Hopefully you’ll know what to do with this shared WorkFlowy list.

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Author: frank.dg

Author of the book, "Do Way, Way More in WorkFlowy", I blog on and for the WorkFlowy blog.

15 thoughts on “The Genius “Forever Calendar” Template – Never Manually Create Calendar Lists in WorkFlowy Again. Ever.”

  1. Frank — I really enjoy seeing your posts, though I have to say I’m not using enough. What I most need — and it seems to be always just beyond the scope of the latest WF update — is really simple, and I’m guessing a no-brainer for you. Do you know how to insert text for today’s date into an item? Without manually typing. And in a way that won’t change when you change tweak the item later (that’s what happens with the mouse-over “last edited” date). Some simple keyboard combo….? Probably so obvious, but I haven’t found an easy method. Thanks much.

    1. Hey Alex,

      I use PhraseExpress a lot for everything. It’s a freemium text expansion app for both Windows and Mac. Here’s s dead-easy video tutorial for getting date and time stamps with a single keyboard shortcut:

      The menu shown in the video has changed somewhat: Instead of looking for “Output”, you’ll find it under “Date/Time”.

      1. I finally decided to download Phrase Express….. I couldn’t put it off any longer. I have needed a quick way to add Date/Time stamps for a long time. I was just too lazy to do anything about it. Thanks again Frank for being awesome!

      2. Wow, Richard! I would have thought you were already using some sort of a text expansion app. Gosh… it’s one of those essential tools in one’s toolbox that most people never knew they needed. WorkFlowy or not, a text expansion app with its host of features is a must!

  2. Frank,

    Thank you for this awesome post. This is a very simple effective solution. However, it was too simple for me. I wanted to make a Kanban like calendar. I only wanted to see working days of the week. I wanted extra sub-bullets breaking up each week. Therefore, I exercised my excel skills to create something a little more power. Anyone with a little bit of OPML knowledge (I knew none before I started), and some good excel knowledge could modify my sheet to get a different setup.

    Here is a link to a shared WorkFlowy for an example of how I like my Kanban calendar to look:

    Here is a link to the Google Sheet I created for all to use. Instructions inside the sheet. Feel free to make a copy and edit the formulas to output a different arrangement.

    1. Hey Tanner,
      Thanks a ton for taking a chunk of your time and putting this together for the WorkFlowy community. It’s a fantastic resource for those who want to automate excluding weekends and breaking their months into weeks.

      1. Happy to help. I actually created this back in February. Your post was the push I needed to button it up and share it with all.

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