140+ Background Colors for Your WorkFlowy Lists

blog-book-buttonA couple of moons back I came out with a post on the Workflowy Re-Painter style which allowed us to tweak Painter for WorkFlowy’s 17 punch-you-in-the-face colors and tone them down (or choose your own colors).

But what this didn’t allow is for us to get background colors for lists in any browser… and we couldn’t create our own tailor-made tag names for whatever color we chose. Now the palette of every color under the sun is up for grabs – in the browser of your choice… and you can name your tags whatever you want. These 143 color tags are just a starting point:

Once you’ve added the list of tags to your WorkFlowy (I’ve got a shared list for you) – not only will you have a catalog of real-name colors to cherry pick from – as pictured above – but they will also show up in the tag autocomplete doohickey:

Use this a lot or use this a little – it’s quite something to have the background color you want when you want it, with the tag name you want. The setup is a piece of cake… and those details you’ll find in this shared list:

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12 thoughts on “140+ Background Colors for Your WorkFlowy Lists

  1. BONUS: once installed, try the #blink or @blink tag, additional to whatever background color tag you’ve got going… and see what happens 🙂

  2. Frank, how can you change a color once one line is colorized? I remove the tag and it still retains the original color? Do we need to delete the item entirely?

    1. Hey Sasha, you probably have the original “Painter for WorkFlowy” extension running. If not, that’s quite an interesting scenario. Have you tried refreshing your tab?
      Also, remember that the tag is set to be transparent… maybe you could try Alt-Clicking on the tag to explode it…

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