Jerry Seinfeld’s “Don’t Break The Chain!” method – in WorkFlowy



They say it takes 21 days to form a habit… but how to even get through those first 21 days?… and then go well beyond? And how does it play out in WorkFlowy?

Here’s a show-and-tell of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Don’t Break the Chain!” hack – a strategy I’ve used scores of times to build habits and get projects done. I’m positive it’ll work for you:



The above screencast is part of the “Prioritize Your Brain” module at the WorkFlowy Academy, where I run the gauntlet of productivity methods and concepts – illustrating step by step  how they might find their incarnation in WorkFlowy.

11 thoughts on “Jerry Seinfeld’s “Don’t Break The Chain!” method – in WorkFlowy

  1. I’ve been using the ‘don’t break the chain’ technique with much success. After a while you truly feel that you don’t want to break the chain and it definitely helps keep you on task. And you would be amazed how much a small daily task can compound over time.

    A few tips that have helped me:

    1. Only use it on 1-3 tasks at a time (ideally just 1 task like Seinfeild’s write jokes daily). If you try to run too many chains at once, it will be too easy to break.

    2. While Workflowy runs my life and is my hands down favorite app ever, I don’t find it the best fit for tracking a chain. I think it is much better to have a nice easy X to visually see your chain like an actual wall calendar as mentioned in the video above or an app like

    1. Hey Kyle,

      Definitely agreed that one shouldn’t bite off more than they can chew. I wouldn’t make everything a DBTC routine… only select projects that need a consistent focus over long periods of time.

      What I often do is record pomodoro in a visual fashion – as demonstrated toward the end of the video. That gives me a visual cue as to the time I’ve put in… and having at least one tag block means I haven’t broken the chain. Have you seen this post on life logging I came out with way back when (I still use some of these dynamics)?:

      (Scroll down to the part that talks about DBTC)

  2. I’m relatively new to Workflowy. Can you provide a link to information about how to make the blocks of color you refer to in this video? Thanks!

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