3 Markedly Different Dynamics to Color Code your WorkFlowy Tasks


Last year August I came out with a post on “140+ Background Colors for Your WorkFlowy Lists“. Since then I’ve refined the style quite a bit… AND added to the repertoire by putting together 2 additional styles. Both are solutions which are a lot more minimalist – and you can still cherry pick from over 140 colors.

Compare each of the 3 dynamics:


… And here’s a video to show you the moving parts:


The above screencast is part of Module 3 – “A Facelift For Your Brain” – at the WorkFlowy Academy, which offers a host of ready-to-install templates that tweak every element imaginable in WorkFlowy – with both aesthetic and practical dynamics.

Here are a few more screencasts from Module 3 which I’ve made public.  And also… you’re welcome to subscribe to the WorkFlowy Academy YouTube channel.

Now to color your world… responsibly 🙂

11 thoughts on “3 Markedly Different Dynamics to Color Code your WorkFlowy Tasks

  1. I’m excited to get this started, but I’m getting the same “Can’t parse!” error on Chrome Version 66.0.3359.181 (Official Build) (64-bit) that some folks were commenting on, on the previous post you referenced. Any thoughts?

      1. I’m running into an issue – due to the behavior of the script and how it blanks out the color tag itself by turning it into a circle, when I move the cursor to the end of the line and press ENTER to create a new line, it just moves the color tag to the new line. Any way around this?

      2. Try hitting your Down arrow before hitting Enter… Incidentally, this is a cure-all for starting a new list below your current list – no matter where your cursor is in the current list 🙂

    1. So was using Workflowy as a crocery shopping list at the store and as I was deleting an item by swiping to the right, a solid green line appeared that I can’t seem to delte?

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