3 Markedly Different Dynamics to Color Code your WorkFlowy Tasks


Last year August I came out with a post on “140+ Background Colors for Your WorkFlowy Lists“. Since then I’ve refined the style quite a bit… AND added to the repertoire by putting together 2 additional styles. Both are solutions which are a lot more minimalist – and you can still cherry pick from over 140 colors.

Compare each of the 3 dynamics:


… And here’s a video to show you the moving parts:


The above screencast is part of Module 3 – “A Facelift For Your Brain” – at the WorkFlowy Academy, which offers a host of ready-to-install templates that tweak every element imaginable in WorkFlowy – with both aesthetic and practical dynamics.

Here are a few more screencasts from Module 3 which I’ve made public.  And also… you’re welcome to subscribe to the WorkFlowy Academy YouTube channel.

Now to color your world… responsibly 🙂

11 thoughts on “3 Markedly Different Dynamics to Color Code your WorkFlowy Tasks

      1. I’m running into an issue – due to the behavior of the script and how it blanks out the color tag itself by turning it into a circle, when I move the cursor to the end of the line and press ENTER to create a new line, it just moves the color tag to the new line. Any way around this?

      2. Try hitting your Down arrow before hitting Enter… Incidentally, this is a cure-all for starting a new list below your current list – no matter where your cursor is in the current list 🙂

    1. So was using Workflowy as a crocery shopping list at the store and as I was deleting an item by swiping to the right, a solid green line appeared that I can’t seem to delte?

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